1. Kemezryp

    Equip Armor from Scene_Item? (using YEP_ItemCore)

    Hewwo! Title says everything. I want to make it possible to equip armor from item menu. It's just annoying when player enters "Item" category and has grayed-out "use" option after selecting armor piece. I need it only for armors, not necessarily weapons. Screenshot shows my issue perfectly:
  2. Quintus

    Yanfly Item Durability Lunatic Mode Help

    I'm attempting to make it so that when a weapon breaks it will drop a certain item, in my case the item ID is 28. The Lunatic Mode section of the help file looks like it has what I need but I'm unfamiliar with JS so I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with it. The code is <Custom Break Effect>...
  3. Ely

    How to show Zalgo Text in description of item without changing all font in game

    Hi I have a cursed item and I want the item to have a description in zalgo text Ć̸͘͠a̛͜n̛͝ ́͘y̴҉o̵u̴͞ ̵̀͏̶͜f̴̸̡͟é̡͘͢e̵͞ĺ̵̕͝ ̶͢͜t̡̀͜͜͝h̴͝e͏̨͢ ̸̸c̡҉̡̕͟a̸̧͘͟͝l̶̸̨͡l̸̨̀҉ ̵̢̕t̛͘͠h̷è̡̡͏҉ ̴̴̷͠v́͜͡o͢͝i̢͝d̷̛?͜͝ (Font looks like this) I dont want to change the entire font of the game I just want...
  4. Small modification for Yanfly Item Core (delenting sub-window)

    Hello and thanks for your time. Let me explain what I am looking for. I am using Yanfly Item Core, but it has a feature that I don't like so much. When you use an item in game menu it appears a secondary window to confirm the use or cancel. It is there just in case you need add more things to...
  5. tale

    Witch's House Menu (Imitation)

    Witch's House Menu (Imitation) Ver 1.1.0 | 2016.08.12 Creator name: lctseng Introduction A menu similar to Witch's House Feature - Menu reminiscent to Fummy's The Witch's House Preview Installation Paste this script above Main. Credit and Thanks- 魂 (Lctseng) License - Apache License...
  6. In need of help for a Character to appear

    So I'm creating a "Cheat Device" as an item to use (via "Common Events"). I want to have a fairy appear in front of the hero, when the player chooses to use it. But I don't know how to do this. Is this even possible? Would I need a script? Please help. ...Also I'm sorry if this was asked before...
  7. megumi014

    [Solved] [JS] A few questions regarding Background pictures.

    Hi, I hope I can make a few questions under the same threat, if not I will split them. I'm currently working on the [Select Item] (Window_EventItem) function to transform it into an Inventory. Instead of drawing the items it just draws the icons (128x128), that I will switch for drawings on...
  8. Yawgmoth

    Yanfly Skill Cost Item Plugin Question and Request

    Hi all, I am using Yanfly's Skill Cost Item Plugin which allows you to assign items as costs to a skill. I was just wondering if their was a way to increase the number of required item by 1 permanently with each use of the skill? If so what would that note tag be...
  9. Yawgmoth

    Using Items instead of JP on specific note tag

    Hi all, So I've been playing with Yanflys Skill Learn and Job Point Plugins to create Stat Upgrades with increasing costs, however I do not want to use job points to buy the stat upgrades. I want to purchase the stat upgrade skills using an item and I want the item to increase by one each time...
  10. IkutsukiYuri

    How to make synthesis and fishing like in the Atelier games?

    ...Hello once again Yes I think I'm actually just making an unofficial Atelier game Anyways... How do you make synthesization? And also fishing? Thanks for reading! And I hope that any one of you'll be able to enlighten me on the techniques ;w;
  11. How to show Item Animation in front-view battle?

    Self consuming item animations seems to work only in side-view battles but not front-view battles. -.- Is there a way to enable it for front?
  12. Pauzh_

    Flashlight Item

    I'm using the Terrax Lighting plugin and wanted to make it so the player only has a light around them if they acquire the flashlight item. I'd like to make it so its toggled by using the flashlight from the inventory if possible but if not thats fine.
  13. ItsMeSam

    An item that automatically revives someone once they have been Knocked Out.

    Exactly what the title says. An example of this would be the Life Shrooms from the first 3 Paper Mario games, or even the Revival from Dokapon Kingdom. If you're making an RPG with only 1 playable character, it is practically a necessity. I've seen similar posts to this, but none have ever...
  14. I want to show Item Description in Szyu's Crafting System.

    Okay. I started with Szyu's crafting system, which works perfectly, except for 2 problems: the Play sound effect function is not working, I don't know why; I haven't messed with the sound effects at all and it should be calling from the original directory. But oh well. The main problem I'm...
  15. rpghexe

    I am having the worst time with an event.

    Hey y'all. so I am having an awful time with an event. What I am wanting to do, is have candles in the game that the player can pick up, place where they would like it, and when its placed it will be lit and give off a light source. (It's a horror game, and is very dark in some areas, and I want...
  16. Need Help With A Skill + Related Common Events

    First, some background: I have a character in my game that is essentially a demonic gourmand. As such, I wanted to create a skill tied to his eating habits. This made me think of the move "Belch" from pokemon, which has a very high base power but can only be used if the Pokémon has first...
  17. Tixerp

    Free choice for item scopes in battle?

    So, I don't know how to word this well, but as far as I can tell in RPGmaker: You can choose scopes for items, whether its the user, or an ally, or all allies, etc. But in games like Earthbound, you can use a food item on either yourself or another character in battle. But you can't do that in...
  18. Vis_Mage

    Chance to Refund Item in Battle

    Hey! :kaohi: I was wondering if anyone could help me with a (hopefully simple) script request. Pretty much, I'm hoping for a script that a % chance (possibly stored in a variable to allow for mid-game % changing) to have an item used within battle to be refunded (not used up), ideally with a...
  19. RockEsper

    Periods at the end of skill/item descriptions?

    When I write a skill description, I usually don't end it with a period. But I can't tell, is that improper or weird? What do you guys usually do?
  20. castor_online

    Item categorize in menu for VX

    Hello! I'm wondering if there is a script capable to categorize items on the menu screen, I mean, in the item screen there are all items including armors, weapons and others, and it looks like a mess because is not possible even sort it by type. I'm not looking for a script to change all the...

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