1. DarkGTX88

    RMMV Yanfly YEP_ItemCore Bug

    Hello, everyone! I seem to be encountering a bug in Yanfly's "Item Core" plugin (YEP_ItemCore.js). The issue has been replicated in a clean (new) project with no other plugins enabled. I am using Item Core v. 1.30 — This appears to be the latest version after checking Yanfly's website. The...
  2. Frizzle

    Yanfly Item_Core item limit problem

    It appears no one has this issue, because I've searched the internet afar and have found no feedback on this. Basically I have MV and I am using yanfly's itemcore plugin specifically for the capacity of limiting inventory space. The problem is that upon testing, I can still exceed the max limit...
  3. Zinnherz

    YEP Item Core - "Skip" Use-Scene

    Hey guys, I'm using Yanfly's Item Core and it's great so far. However, I noticed that whenever I want to use an item, it opens a new window asking me if I want to use it - basically making the player confirm the action. I know that this is for actions like strengthening items or whatnot, but I...
  4. ArcheoFox

    Single Actor Menu Target

    I have a major compatibility problem with the plugin from Yanfly “ItemCore” and Galv's plugin named "Single Actor Menu Target". The problem is when I use an item on the map menu, an error message appears and contains these errors: I only have these two plugins that are active and Galv...
  5. YEP ItemCore, tying increase in inventory slots to items?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to tie increased inventory slots with items? Like you buy a potion belt and you can hold more.
  6. omega9380

    YEP_ItemCore - Disable Item Action window

    Got what I hope will be a quick question.  I love the YEP_ItemCore plugin.  Mostly what I love about it is the new Scene_Item layout.  Now, my current project will not be using the main part of ItemCore, which is the independent items.  I need to know if there is an easy way to disable one part...
  7. Yanfly AutoPassiveStates - passive that boosts damage if a certain kind of armor or weapon is equipp

    I want to make a passive that increases physical damage dealt (or magic depending) if the actor with a given passive skill has a given type of item equipped. For example Axe Proficiency : while an axe is equipped, gain 15% attack  or Tactical Prowess: while light armor type armor is equipped...
  8. Kane Hart

    Yanfly item core questions.

    I just want to thank you for all these great plugins they are truly amazing.  I'm not sure if I'm doing anything wrong or if it does not support this. But I started making tradeskills items a ton of them. Things like ore / bars, etc. I noticed when looking at the items the description is at...
  9. grem333

    Yanfly item Core problem

    I posted this in the general MV forum earlier, because I didn't realize their was a Javascript support forum. Hopefully someone can help me here. I'm having an issue with my game when Yanfly's ItemCore plug-in is activated. Whenever I start a game with the plug-in on, I end up with 2 of armor...
  10. Yanfly itemCore / upgrade slots - adding a state via upgrade slot

    Is it currently possible to add states / passives via the upgrade slot?
  11. grem333

    Yanfly ItemCore Issue

    I apologize if this is the incorrect section to post this, but I'm having an issue with my game when Yanfly's ItemCore plug-in is activated. Whenever I start a game with the plug-in on, I end up with 2 of armor ID#1 and 1 of armor ID#3. I tried to run an autoevent that would decrease those...
  12. Nimbus

    Yanfly ItemCore "Use Item" Dialogue Question

    I really like the look of the Yanfly Item Core plugin. It's got a nice enlarged version of the icon and a bunch of nicely formatted stats whenever you look at the item. What I don't like however, is the extra click it adds to the UX. First you have to press Enter to select between...

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