1. Finnuval

    In need of a Detective's Tools

    Hey there folk, once again I have a request. (for MZ) Got the Looking glass and Pocket Watch so all that's left is... and finally a pipe with tobacco case like this If anyone knows of any of these items (or something close enough) or is willing and generous enough to make them I would be...
  2. coucassi

    Amount of Weapons & Armors

    How do you decide how many weapons & armors to include in your game? I’m not talking about weapon types but about the amount of say different swords the player can find throughout the game. I’m really struggling with this lately. Since I decided to complete the database as much as possible...
  3. Jacoh

    Requesting a script that unables item usage

    Hello there, i looked a bit inside the forums and i couldn't find another request like mine if not for MV, so i'm gonna request a script for VX Ace if anyone has it, what i need is a script that makes the player, when affected by a specific status, be unable to use items, every help is appreciated!
  4. RMMZ Displaying Item and Item Amount using Window_ItemList

    Hello, I know this question is really specific but it has honestly been a pain in my back for a while. I've made a Window to display Items that the player can interact with, the details aren't that important, these items should have values, similar to the Player's Inventory, which the player...
  5. yournamehere

    RMMZ Item-Based Battle System?

    Looking for a deck-building battle system where you combine items or cards as a primary form of attack. Similar to Epic Spell Wars where each turn instead of picking an attack skill you would pick an item (or multiple items) to use and those items deal attacks to monsters with various combo bonuses.
  6. mr_ringtales_workshop

    Weapon Slot Locking: Dual Wielding

    Hello All! I hope this is in the right place. But I have hit a bit of a snag in my game development. I know how to lock an equipment slot. However, I have a unique circumstance. I have a character that can DUAL WIELD. And I simply want one hand to be locked. So one weapon remains equipped for...
  7. tale

    Item Borders Rank

    Item Borders Rank 2014-10-07 Creator name: VIPArcher Introduction Items can have borders as a base similar to icon design for MV. Preview It's possible to rank items by giving them different colors. Colors are based on default color index. In the item Note box, I used following...
  8. Riku_Masamune

    Using an Item to Level Up

    No matter what I do it levels up the whole party. But for context Is there a specific script call that I can do to make it work on who it was selected on? Like any other growth like item. Thanks in advanced. It was in the MV version still for the entire party... but I want this remaster to...
  9. greensdream

    How can I remove the "Items" option from the battle menu?

    I'd like to only have "attack," "guard," and "skills" available for the player to choose from in battle. Is there a way to do this without using another plugin? I'm trying to severely limit the number of plugins I use for my project, but in case it matters, I'm using YanFly's Core Engine and...
  10. Kristina

    Ways to get monster parts - ideas?

    I hope this is the correct place, if not I'm sorry. I'm making a game that focus on crafting, finding items, develop friendship with NPCs, quests etc. so basically no battles. To be honest, I considered having some battles but only to get specific items for crafting. That would be bat wings...
  11. Eliaquim

    Eli Max Items - Choose a maximum quantity for each item through the notes field!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction This simple plugin adds a way to limit the amount of each item the player can have. Features • Limit the maximum amount of each item/weapon/armor the player can have through the item note tag using numbers or variable value. How to use To assign a maximum...
  12. Changing 99 of normal item into 1 golden item

    Throughout my game, the player has a chance to find 99 Keys. By doing so they are able to unlock a "bonus room" that will basically be an in-depth credit scene (instead of scrolling text it's a room where they can interact with all the assets and read who made them). My goal is to automatically...
  13. CrimsonDuelist

    Type Error

    So Im trying to implement the item book plugin from the base game and when I go to play test it to test out the item book I get this error. can anyone offer any advice? I'm also implementing some of the yanfly plugins that also came with the software itself too.
  14. TheLoudCat

    How to make an item event which doesn't repeat itself?

    For example, I open a chest and I get an item from it, but I don't want it to repeat when I interact with it again. How do I do that?
  15. KingKraken

    Trying to sort items types into separate battle commands?

    Hey everyone! I've been tinkering with a game where all it's skills are consumable items. At basic functionality it works perfect, but I'm trying to take it to the next level. A game about hoarding items is fine and dandy, but that can become really tedious to scroll through menus after some...
  16. kyonides

    KPrankster XP

    KPrankster XP by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction :aswt: Did you ever want to let monsters play pranks on your heroes? :LZYshock: Now you can, guys! What does my script actually do? It lets the monster target any hero and steal some items while leaving useless ones in a "fair exchange". :p...
  17. RachelTheSeeker

    Your Alternate Names For Stock Items?

    Hey again! Sorry to create another thread so soon. I'm inspired by a post-related query by @Ami. He was looking for a different name of a classic Final Fantasy "Elixir" -- an item that restores all health and cleanses status ailments. I take his plight to heart; one of the big things I'm not...
  18. nathanlink169

    Organizing Items, Common Events, Enemies, Troops, and more

    Hi all, Whenever I make a game in RPG Maker, I find that I always end up with my Items, Common Events, Enemies, Troops, etc. lists all out of wack. I plan out my games far in advance, but inevitably there's always one entry that I forget about, and have to slot in somewhere. To mitigate this...
  19. noxfungi

    Custom Item Menu Help

    Hello there, I hope this is the right place to post this. I'm fairly new to java scripting and rpg maker in general but I'm slowly getting a grasp of things and I wanted to make my own custom menus and such. I've made a mockup inventory menu for my school-based rpg, so first here's that: The...
  20. KChasm

    How can I make the "item successfully used" sound not play?

    An example of the sound can be heard here: Note that it's not the first few sounds, like from when I call the menu, but the more "flourishy" sound. I don't know what information is relevant, but I'm using common events that are set off by using items and with the whole "item used" stuff...

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