1. Mr. Trivel

    Salvage Items

    Name: Salvage Items Version: 1.1 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2015-12-13   What does it do? Allows players to salvage unneeded items and get something back.   Screenshots:   How to use? To make items salvageable just add the following tag to items...
  2. ExpAmethyst

    [Ace] Sell items only?

    I've been making a little farming game in my spare time (think of it as a very simplified Harvest Moon). I have a farming system set up and working, but I'm struggling with what comes after that - selling the crops. Is there a way to set up the shop so that you can only sell certain items, but...
  3. PhoenixX92

    Rural Farm Items Not Equipping (FIXED!)

    So basically I'm going to come right out and say, I'm overly LOST. I copied absolutely everything in the demo that is put into Rural Farms, the item list, common events----Everything. Put them in the same exact spot that they are in the demo, then even copied the first event in the demo, and...
  4. Sausage_Boi

    Is it possible to disable MOST of the menus except Items?

    Is it possible to disable access to status menus, and magic menus, and equipment menu, and just strip it down to Items only? Or should I make a custom HUD for that? I just want the player to be able to look at the gold in their possession and the items they have. Literally nothing else is...
  5. Iliketea

    I want to make my actors sick!

    Hi everyone!   I am really mean to my actors,I want them to feel sick. Meaning I want a state that is called "nauseous" that prevents them from using items like potions and food. I know that this can be made with common events. But the problem is that I not only have a lot of potions (~40) ...
  6. wrigty12

    Request: Swapping 2 Parameters (Via Equipment)

    I thought of a very cool use of equipment. If someone can come up with a plugin that swaps two Parameters of an Actor while equipped with a certain armor/weapon? For Example: The armor item "Swap Armor" has the notetag <StatSwap: Atk Def>. The actor, who's ATK and DEF are 10 and 8...
  7. wrigty12

    Request: Shop that Sells ONLY what items you have sold.

    I want to set up a shop that only sells items that YOU have sold to that shop. For instance, I go to a shop that only sells Potions. However, if I sell a Super Potion to that shop for 500G, the next time I visit the shop, it now is selling Potions AND Super Potions.
  8. Mirai Ko

    What is the Script Call for Items amount into Variables?

        I need to know the Script call for referencing how many of an item the party has.  I checked the Master Script Call list, but if it's there I couldn't find it. I can't use the Event Command, because I need to replace the Database ID with a variable.
  9. Hopelessdecoy

    Properties of items

    What are the function names of the item properties? I'm mainly wondering about the damage calculations box, parameters box and the item name. Is it in Game_item? If you could list them or point them out to me I'd appreciate it!
  10. 10kk

    10kk's Legendary Weapons & Icons [MV] (Updated 11/21)

    This is an ongoing collection of IconSet sprites i've created while in the self learning process of spriting (just starting, don't expect very quality art here) These resources are 32x32 meaning only compatible with RPG Maker MV unless resized. Made from scratch. The general theme is for items...
  11. Tsukihime

    Multiple Inventories

    Ever needed to manage multiple inventories? For example, you have two actors in your game, but they are in two different locations. To make this more realistic, you would like each actor to have their own inventories, such as their own weapons, armors, items, and gold. This plugin provides...
  12. Health Potion Formulas?

    I've look around, but I can't find an answer to this problem. I'm trying to create a health potion that heals the player using the formula: (150 * ((a.def + 150)/100.0)).to_i I made a potion item like this: Item Type: Normal Consume: Yes Scope: The User Occasion: Always Damage Type: HP...
  13. Milena

    itype id class?

    return DataManager.isItem(item) && item.itypeId === 1;On this block of code above, I noticed that I can check the item's type. However, I searched itypeID but I only see implementations of it. I want to learn how to add more types for my weapons, how do you do add more values to itypeID because...
  14. Blue001

    Item Families and Leveled Lists (Like in Skyrim/Fallout)

    What it would be used for. Open World Games Non-Grind Games you would rather have the story drive the player forward and not require leveling specifically to continue the narrative. Say I would like to make an open world game that has things like drops and encounters seemingly "level up" as...
  15. Tsukihime

    More Enemy Drops

    RPG Maker MV allows you to create up to three item drops for an enemy. When the battle is over, the player may receive up to any of these 3 items. When you specify drops, you use something called a "denominator" probability, which is basically you specifying the chances of the item dropping as...
  16. Tsukihime

    Double Cast State

    This plugin allows you to easily double the number of times certain skills are casted. When a particular state is added to an actor or enemy, all of their skills will hit twice as many times. For example, by default, when you cast heal, you only heal once. However, when the double cast state is...
  17. Using items in your menu screen with other items?

    Hello and I have come across something I cant seem to figure out. And I was wondering if there was a way to make an item be used in the menu screen that *adds to a different item. For example: Say I have a book and I am looking for pages in this book. After finding a page for the book, I want...
  18. Musashi

    Drop Items Conditions

    Drop Items Conditions v1.03 Musashii Introduction: Allows you to define conditions for certain items to drop using formulas.   How to Use: Use the notetag <DropRestriction: formula> inside Items, Weapons or Armors notes. You can also change/set/cancel drop conditions for determined enemies...
  19. Tsukihime

    Random Repeats

    By default, RPG Maker allows you to have skills or items repeat a certain amount of times when you use them. For example, if you want an attack to always hit two times, you would set the "repeat" field to 2. However, what if you wanted to create a skill or item that will repeat a random number...
  20. Milena

    Item Class Property

    Is there a way to give new properties to the Item class itself. For example, in RGSS3, you have: class RPG::Item def phoenix_down;endendHow can you do this in MV's JS? In my understanding, this is for me to do properties and call those properties after. For example: if...

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