1. Skill Shop setting Actor/Skill Type specific skill purchases

    Hi, so I'm using the YED plugin here: When I get to the skill shop, I want skills for purchase only showing up for certain members. For example, I have a white mage. Only my white mage should...
  2. GreyWolfVino

    Item only able to use once per battle

    Hey fellow game makers, so I'm trying to make an nonconsumable item that can only be used in the battle screen but I want it only to be used once per battle. So far I have been unable to think how to even begin to tackle this. I would be grateful for any suggestions.
  3. Liquidize/Candacis Adventure (Combining) Items

    Hello there, I have browsed the forums for (and found) this specific kind of plugin and it works just about how I want it minus one flaw. You see, it is set up so you select an item, then pick another item, then hit the combine command to make a new item. The trouble is that it is currently set...
  4. AdamSakuru

    YEP CoreEngine + YEP Victory Aftermath: Omit Item Drop if Item's Maxed Out If you choose to set a maximum amount of items/armours/etc. you can hold for each (with the note-tag "<Max Item: x>", etc.) you'll still 'receive' maxed out items/armours/etc. during the...
  5. megumi014

    Point and Click Inventory (IconID Pictures) Ver. 2 (10/06/2019)

    Point and Click Inventory (IconID Pictures) Ver. 2. PEZ * The GUI elements and the Icons are from Александр Загорулько (I guess Aleksandr Zagorulʹko in latin alphabet). Requirements This Plugin was made with 1.5.2. version of RPG Maker MV. It might not work with 1.6.1. A new IconSet to...
  6. OmnislashXX

    Need an Item Requirements Plugin outside of battle.

    Yanfly's Item Requirements doesn't cut it. The codes either don't work or only used in battles. What I need: A plugin that will effect items outside of battle. I wish to implement Tomes and Scrolls to teach specific classes to use Techniques and Spells. They will be a one time use item but will...
  7. MonkeyFrog

    Save Out Character/Player for Next Game?

    Hello! I am very new to RPG Maker MV (and RPG Maker in general), but not new to creating content for games. I've gone through the initial tutorials and have sort of fallen in love with RPG Maker MV! It's been a long time since I felt like I was having more fun than anything else while...
  8. Psychronic

    Items and Skills That Only Heal Certain Classes?

    I am having an issue in my game where I am trying to make it so that some healing items only heal certain classes (or will only heal certain characters too would work). I am wondering if there's a plugin to do this or whether it's done with common events. I've tried with common events but it has...
  9. Canini

    Alternative uses for armors

    I am working on a action rpg with a really slimmed down item-inventory (it only really has two items; resurection from death and HP/MP restoration). Weapons do not really give stats increases but rather different techniques for use in battles and for solving puzzles. In order to make the stores...
  10. loendebr

    Class-specific weapons

    Hello everyone. I have ran into a bit of a problem whilst developing my game. At the start of the game, the player can choose one out of three classes: knight, mage or paladin. knights should only be able to use weapons such as swords, mages should use staffs and paladins should be using axes...
  11. Vivalin

    Various sound effects for different items - script?

    Hello. Like the title suggests, I need help to make it possible to have various sound effects for different items in the game I'm making. I don't have much experience with the programs (the one I'm currently using; RPG Maker VX Ace) - it's always been fun poking around with the different...
  12. Need help with tilesets

    Hey everyone, I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this, so please forgive my newb-ness if I got it wrong. I'm trying to make a practice game to get familiar with RPG MV, but it requires that I edit some of the tilesets that came with the program (bookcases, couches, and other...
  13. Gamingstar

    Collectibles to beat the game

    Hey everyone! I have a mechanic in my game where you need to have a certain amount of an item to beat the game (Item only obtainable via quest) and I need some ideas for what that item will be, any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  14. The007who

    ANY items in the inventory?

    Hi all, is there a way to check if the player has ANY items in the inventory? Something like a script line in a conditional branch?
  15. tale

    Get All Items

    GetAllItems - 2017/04/13 Creator name: kido0617 Overview All item accessibility with plugin command Features - You don't have to go through Event Commands each time to add 1 of everything. - Short code Example- GetAllItems item 99 # Get all items of 99 each GetAllItems armor 10 #...
  16. Anthro7

    Recycle Used Potion Bottles?

    Hola, Can anyone point me to a script that would allow the players to gain an item upon using an item? I would like to be able to have potion/apothecary bottles be retained after a potion is consumed, so that you can sell them back to the potion-making-people and get your next order at a...
  17. Bowtirage

    Use items from inventory for puzzles?

    I watched this video and followed everything line by line but it doesn't activate. Example of what i'm trying to do. Locked in room. Gets key. Key is added to inventory. Approaches door. Opens menu. Selects key to use. Because of the X,Y,& Direction input into common events, it recognizes the...
  18. Qwilfish

    Exchanging items for a party member

    I'm working on a game where you can exchange certain items for different monsters to join your party. I managed to do it (kind of) by using conditional branch> if player has 1 Fire Scroll> Fire Deamon joins the party. The problem is that, that way, you can only exchange 1 item for a monster...
  19. alucard8387

    Need some ideas for how to event Renewable Items

    So I am setting up some items so that the player can pick them up again while back tracking or exploring. I don't want a time based one because then people can just wait it out. It would be better to have them reset after a certain number of fights or something. I also don't want a single...
  20. Sinalma

    Help with items messages

    Ok so im new in creating games with rpgmakervx ace and my problem is the description of items.(objects) I'm having trouble on how to show messages (longer than the description) so I can show notes, books or so to give hints for the game progress. Anyone please help?

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