1. alucard8387

    Need some ideas for how to event Renewable Items

    So I am setting up some items so that the player can pick them up again while back tracking or exploring. I don't want a time based one because then people can just wait it out. It would be better to have them reset after a certain number of fights or something. I also don't want a single...
  2. Sinalma

    Help with items messages

    Ok so im new in creating games with rpgmakervx ace and my problem is the description of items.(objects) I'm having trouble on how to show messages (longer than the description) so I can show notes, books or so to give hints for the game progress. Anyone please help?
  3. Item priority in battles

    I'm trying to make it so that Items are always first priority regardless of enemy speed. How do I accomplish this? Thanks in advance
  4. Kacribus

    MV : How to make player have to select item in menu in order to use it?

    RPG Maker MV specific : How do I make a player have to select an item in their menu in order to use it or apply it to the item or subject in front of them? I can't find a video on it either. Elaboration : The player picks up an enchanted harp. They encounter a character looking for the...
  5. tale

    Enemy Drop Expansion

    Enemy Drop Expansion 2014/11/01 Creator name: VIPArcher Introduction This script allows more drops from enemies. Instructions: Put <drops kind ID X%> inside enemy's Note field Which kind: i => Item w => Weapons a => Armors ID: Item number index X: probability (example, 5 is 5%) Example...
  6. Item modifiers

    I’m wondering is there a way to have item modifiers. For instance Sword A when equipped with Gem 1, will perform Fire Slash I, but when Gem 1 and 2 are equipped it will perform Fire Slash 2. The only thing is that I would like for Gem 1 and 2 to only be allowed to equip if Sword A is present...
  7. zetanorbs

    How to cause damage only through items (no attacks or magic)?

    Hi to everyone, I need to make an enemy immune to every kind of attack so that it can only be damaged using items. Any suggestions on how to do it?
  8. Diamond Star

    Limited Inventory

    I think of using a feature that: a- Limits number of items in inventory. e.g. 50. b- Limits number of instances of consumable items. e.g. 20 for each. I think it adds more depth and force player to pay attention to what he hold or buy. On another hand, it;d by annoying for many players who like...
  9. Josue Castillo

    Change Items state with time

    Hello there! I'm currently developing a game and I just came up with the idea of something cool. I was thinking on Items for my game and I thought: Okay, let's add a Fish, to eat and restore your health after battling or something, but then I thought, okay, let's also add rotten fish. But I...
  10. Get number of items in the party

    Hey @All :-) I need to know, how much of an item the party owns. To check general, if the party own the item, I use this function: if( $gameParty.hasItem($dataItems[bquests[j].gegenstaende[iGegenstand].id])){ } But how do I get the number of this item?
  11. EliteFerrex

    Disable Access to Items

    Hello, everyone. I'm looking to find a way to disable access to using items during specific battles, either by applying a State to a character, or by temporarily disabling access to the command, or temporarily removing all items from the player's inventory, or however it has to be done. I've...
  12. JGreene

    Creating a Level Up Item

    Here's a simple tutorial on creating an item that can grant levels to your actors upon consumption. This method avoids any complex formulas and pesky common events. Plugins Required: HimeWorks Formula Effects Once you've enabled the plugin, it's...
  13. Isabella Ava

    Count item script?

    Hi there, i want to count item X (x is the item's ID stored in variable 1) to see how many of items X does player possess and store the result into variable 2 (via Script call) (can you show me the scripts for both situation that includes / not includes equipped items) Thanks, please help T.T
  14. Koi

    Opening menu of specific items

    So I recently learned about how to select key items, which I started using for a potion making bit for my game. You have a table with different tools like a mortar and pestle and whatnot, and a cauldron to add ingredients to. I was using the select key item to open up the potion ingredients...
  15. [BUG] Use item

    Hi everyone, I need help since yesterday, because of a script I can't use items. I use this script for a storage trunk that works well. (sorry if my english is bad, im not english :x)
  16. Candacis

    Combining and seperating items, like in an adventure

    I started this once for VX Ace, but that was a long time ago. Still, the idea stuck with me and I would like to try something similiar for MV. What is it about? I'm looking for a plugin in which I can combine items together. Not so much as a crafting plugin, but more like in adventures? Using...
  17. CharacterDesignist

    Restrict Consumable Item Target

    Hello everyone! With the help of Nekoyoubi's Class TP Rename plugin I figured out a nice way to make each class a lot more unique! However, I encountered an issue. While you can change the names, obviously the effects of healing items stay the same. So if I have a class who uses MP, and...
  18. Skytor

    Blacksmith Item Input

    In my game i want there to be a blacksmith that you can give "recipes" to, and after the recipes are given the item the recipe is for will appear in the choices of things he can make. I know that i could do this manually with menus for every single combination but there are way too many of...
  19. Koi

    Change order of items in inventory?

    So I've been adding items onto my game for 4 years now without really much direction so I just popped in new items whenever I thought of them. However, this makes things strange when you open up the inventory or items in battle and an item from world 1 is way at the bottom just because I ended...
  20. Couple of Questions

    I'm new to RPG Maker and I have a few questions: Is there a way to create a HUD that would display character's name, picture, items equipped, etc? Also is there a way to have the HUD change based upon equipped items (example: it takes 2 MP to summon an equipped magic skill, the HUD will show...

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