1. Lunawolfcomics

    How to alter the amount of times a stat can increase/decrease

    Hey everyone, as you know in RPG Maker everytime someone uses a skill that either increases/decreases a target's stats, the maximum amount of increases/decreases is two. How can I alter this to perhaps change it from two repeated stat gains/losses? Thanks :) -JAD
  2. Lunawolfcomics

    How to alter the amount of times a stat can increase/decrease

    Hey everyone, as you know in rpg maker when a character uses a move that either increases/decreases a party member/enemies stats during battle. The max times that target can be effected by a particular stat gain is by two levels. How could I alter this so that the maximum amount is one instead...
  3. Lunawolfcomics

    smash bros for wii u play online?

    Hey everyone. Who has super smash bros for Wii u and wants to play online? :)
  4. Lunawolfcomics

    How do you upgrade your profile status on this site?

    Hey I have a somewhat silly yet very serious question? How do you level up on this site, better yet upgrade your profile status? I know I got to advanced member by simply adding more posts. While we're on the topic how do you get badges?  :unsure:
  5. Lunawolfcomics

    Game Length, Does it Matter?

    Hey guys quick question and would like some feedback and would like to hear your opinion on the matter. When it comes to videogames, specifically RPG Maker games. Does game length ultimately effect whether or not you would purchase that game? If the game is good/fun enough yet short and has high...
  6. Lunawolfcomics

    Horror Games - What do you find scary?

    Hey guys so when it comes to horror games I'm interested in finding out what really scares you? I for one love psychological scares such as random noises such as footsteps in a distant corridor, whispers, shadow figures stalking you, weird or freaky monster designs. I also love feeling helpless...
  7. Lunawolfcomics

    Certain Hit Damage

    Hey everyone. So you know how there are three types of attacks, magic, physical and certain? Well I have a character that is able to negate all attacks for one turn. It works against physical and magic attacks but attacks marked with the certain hit category will still do damage to him. I was...
  8. Lunawolfcomics

    Events triggered when specific character is leading

    Hey good morning everyone. Quick question for you guys. I'd like to make an event occur when a specific party member is leading. How would I do this? :)
  9. Lunawolfcomics

    Who's hyped for Mewtwo in Smash 4?

    Hey guys, so who here has smash 4 for the wii u, or at least has played it and is looking forward to getting the mewtwo dlc! I know he kinda sucked back in melee but I'm confident that he'll be revamped and better in smash 4! Besides, he's Mewtwo for crying out loud! :rock-left:   :guffaw:  ...
  10. Lunawolfcomics

    Auto Save Help

    Hey everyone how's it going? I have a quick question. Ok so throughout my game I have certain sections that act as auto saves where the save menu pops up. Now, RPG maker has it set so that the last saved file will be the file that is highlighted when the save menu is opened. There is one scene...
  11. Lunawolfcomics

    How to change Game Over Screen

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if there was a way to change the game over screen via events or scripting. I already have a custom game over screen but wanted to be able to change the screen depending on the area the player is in. Any ideas or help? :) Thank you
  12. Lunawolfcomics

    Boss Battles

    Hey guys so lately I've been working on my project, the perfectionist, and just looking over the boss battles making sure they are fair and such. And I started thinking about all the memorable boss battles I've ever faced in other games. So I wanted to ask what are you most memorable or favorite...
  13. Lunawolfcomics

    How to edit critical hit damage

    Hey everyone quick question. Does anyone know how to edit the amount of damage critical hits do? I want to lower it I think they're a bit over powered at the moment. Thank you :)
  14. Lunawolfcomics

    Double question: HP/MP/TP bar colors? Critical hit damage?

    Hey guy's I was just wondering how one might change the colors of the HP/MP/ and/or TP bars? Secondly, how does one alter the amount of damage a critical hit does? Thanks :) -JAD
  15. Lunawolfcomics

    Filing taxes if you sell commercial games?

    Hey guys quick question. If you sell a commercial rpg maker game, would you have to file your revenue for taxes? 
  16. Lunawolfcomics

    How to add bonus content to menu after condition is met?

    Hey guys! So I wanted to impliment a special feature that adds an option to the main menu of the game which would lead to lets say a bonus mission persay only if the player completes a specific task or a condition is met. Any ideas? :) -JAD
  17. Lunawolfcomics

    What are some good hosting sites to sell your games?

    Hey guys! What are some good hosting sites for creating your own website? I have two projects underway and want to start creating a website so I can distribute these games. Any help or suggestions? :) -JAD
  18. Lunawolfcomics

    Make weak attacks do 1 damage instead of 0

    Hey guys so you know when you are far in a game and your party is all beefed up with super high defense and armor and such and you decide to wonder off to an earlier stage of the game. These foes are far weaker than you and every attack they land does absolutely no damage. How do I set it up so...
  19. Lunawolfcomics

    How to put spoiler tabs on forum post

    Hey guys I just have a quick question, how do you put spoiler tabs on a forum post? ^_^ -JAD
  20. Lunawolfcomics

    MP = Mainstream?

    Hey guys so I read an interesting article the other day about how most RPG's use MP. I happen to like the use of MP as it's something I've gotten used to associating it with RPG genres. But I also like when games have some originality and use some sort of different mechanic or name. What's your...

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