1. ZodiacStories

    Itch.io Game Jam~

    Howdy, I'm hosting a little game jam over on Itch.io It's just a fun little thing, with no ranking or judging, just a chance to explore your imagination. It will go from Jan. 19th to March 31st~ The twist is that all the assets: sprites/tileset/music have to be from the default RPG Maker pack...
  2. VitaliaDi

    Weekly Game Jam 95- Anyone joining?

    Just entered my first game jam, I'm so excited. The theme is "Bad Cooking" and you get around a week to finish and submit. What a great theme. is anyone else joining this one?
  3. NeTT

    RMMV L. O. R. D.

    L. O. R. D. -Fanss Nett Guys, I had been working on a small game with RMMV for a week or so. This game was prepared by me for a local game jam in just one week. Synopsis You are a participant in the LORD tournament and you are sponsored by someone over the phone. You gotta compete with...
  4. Aurélien

    RPG Maker Jam 3 · July 20th to 23rd

    The RPG Maker Jam is a jam where, in 72 hours (from Friday to Monday) you must create a game on RPG Maker, solo or in a team, and under a theme or a constraint revealed at the start! Whether you just got RPG Maker or are more experienced, it's an opportunity to have the satisfaction of...
  5. Sekunri

    Game Jam: The Mansion

    The Mansion Version 1.01 Alpha   So for my very first Game Jam and overall my first release ever I have this game to present to you all based loosely on the board game Clue. The game is unfortunately not in its final version. I have plans to further expand on the game I'm...
  6. Nimbus

    Global Game Jam 2016

    For those who haven't heard of it, every January a bunch of people in the game development community get together to participate in an event called the Global Game Jam. A general theme is announced on Friday, and teams from around the world have 48 hours to create a game based on that guideline...

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if a lot of the games that inspire me to continue making games have a pretty mixed to somewhat negative critical reception, what does that say about the games I make? :kaoeh:
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My boss asked I bring my laptop to work so he could see my game. I show my coworkers, show them some database stuff, and then my boss asks "so can I fight this final boss you've talked about a lot?" :kaojoy:
Finally started working on my first game, let's see where this gets me :)
Gonna repost this since it's currently tied 1-1! We've seen Strength with our adventurers and Charisma with our merchants, so which DnD stat would you like to see in the next NPC for my advent calendar: Constitution or Wisdom?

And a bonus game: if you can guess what type of character each stat will represent, I’ll make your suggested sprite for Christmas! First person to get it wins, so make your guess!

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