1. Finnuval

    Need help with Kanji

    So I need help with the word 'duality'... How do I write this in Kanji? (Google sure isnt helping lol) (don't know if this is posted correctly so apologies if not)
  2. gabrieldiastche

    FREE Phil Alone - Translator

    PHIL ALONE A game made to Ludum Dare 47 - Stuck in a loop *Players with poor psychological, we suggest not playing this game...* About The Game Meet Phil Phil is alone in home when he wakes up and wants go out with his friends! But first he needs to do all his tasks! Help him before the day...
  3. Polloyus

    Japanese tilesets and characters with horror style.

    I did some research, but found nothing to match the style of the game. If someone has a Japanese horror style tileset or (and) characterset and can send it, I would be very grateful!
  4. CapitalAkito

    Japanese Doors

    So I'm looking for Japanese sliding doors for MV. I've found a door set, but it was made for VX. Here's the set for VX for reference. https://www.deviantart.com/nicnubill/art/Japanese-Doors-406054192
  5. Nekohime1989


    Resource Type: SV Weapon Maker Format: MV Style: Standard Description: It's a flintlock weapon used in Japan. Comes in both short and long barrel varieties. Need both a short barrel and long barrel version. Reference Photos
  6. Re-Locating MV Resource Website

    Driving myself insane because I can't find it. There was a great website with RPG Maker MV tiles on it that I was on on Friday but cannot for the life of me find it again. It has many school tiles. The site is all in Japanese. It's set up on a single page with lines like this: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7...
  7. buddysievers

    JPN Plugin translation

    Hey and hello, i came arround a script which i think does what i need the only problem is it is in japanese. Google translate doesnt help me with understanding how it works. Not in english nor in german. I hope someone here maybe understand the instructions and could translate them. Here is a...
  8. Laulai's Tiles

    Hello! I'm posting tiles I've made for my game as well as anything else I end up making that works for MV along the way :) I am by no means perfect or an expert, and I'm still getting to grips with the RPG maker style! Licensing: 1. If you own a copy of MV you are free to use these on...
  9. FoxySeta

    VNMaker 【Chapter 1】A Priori

    【Recruitment thread】 The length of the story itself won't be excessive, but it will contain elements of deep substance, such as depression and interpersonal relationship (see Setting and Character). Gameplay Finally, the gameplay: each minigame is a simple mathematical game inherent to the...
  10. fitsbach

    [UPDATED: 18/07/2018] Japanese Buildings A3 + Japanese Props

    Hi Guys, I'm currently working on a Japanese A3 Tileset and some Japanese props. I'm definitely not the best Sprite maker out-there and I know there is (was?) some kind of DLC of Japanese content before but I'm just having fun making this stuff. Feel free to use it in any project, just make...
  11. FoxySeta

    FREE 【VNM】【Recruitment Thread】A Priori

    【Official thread】 ⚠I tagged users who applied for a role. ⚠I chosed to be very detailed here, but it is way less work than it seems! ⚠You can also apply for one of this position if you want to share work! If you would like to apply/have any questions/have any feedback: PM me or comment...
  12. Roseredpinball

    Where is this from?

    Hello, apologies if this is the wrong place to post this, but I wasn't certain where else to do so. A while back I downloaded some resources (characters and facesets) from a Japanese blog but I wasn't really all that careful about getting the correct name/credits so I could credit the person...
  13. pandadodod

    Anyone a Translated Asian Light Novel reader here?

    Anyone here reads light novels? Japanese, Korean, or Chinese WN/LN counts :) If so, what is/are your favorite? Mine would be http://www.novelupdates.com/series/genjitsushugi-yuusha-no-oukoku-saikenki/ It's a Japanese Webnovel about a hero summoned into another world... But instead of...
  14. lerugray

    cRPG maker for RPG MAKER (needs translation)

    Hi all So I got in contact with the developer for the game lord of the seal on steam who linked me to this website. I can't tell if this is for MV, VX Ace, or whatever else, but this is of huge interest to me as I would love to do a first person crawler with the RPG maker engine, it would seem...
  15. Ionenschatten

    RPG Maker Translator can't find game data file.

    Heyhey! There's a tool in the world wide web *echoing voice* web...web...web... that is able to translate your games from one language to another. Sounded rlly nice to me so I downloaded it, but now I got a problem with the game datas! My program simply can't find them... But they are there...
  16. callmedan

    Japanese monster charset

    Hi! I'm in need of Japanese monster charsets. Maker Format: XP Art Style: XP RTP or Mack size Description: I'm looking for Kappa charset but if there are more kinds of monster would be nice :) Thanks a ton!
  17. firststef

    Need translation for new terms

    Hi guys! I want to know what are the terms on this site http://hyouburogu.jugem.jp/?cid=5 The translation by @slimmmeiske2 is done in 2014 but the last edit says 2015, wich means its outdated.
  18. RaluShow

    TheRaluShow - ISSUE Translation Request.

    I have been clearing all Japanese dialogue from my game to replace with full English. Problems started to occur , When selecting an enemy the select text is still in Japanese and thats not even it. The Guard Dialogue shows up in full Japanese and I have searched all my Ruby Scripts for the issue...
  19. Rycharde

    Looking for tilesets that would work for upscale, fantasy, steampunkish-era high school

    That said, I've been looking for, preferably, a white stonework or marble exterior, as well as, an interior that has the same quality with an obvious Japanesiest, high school charm. The high school is part of an academy, made up of primary, secondary, and higher ed, within the capital of one...
  20. tabzeethecat

    School Tileset

    Hi I'm looking for a Japanese style school classroom/school tile sets I could use for my game. Does anyone know where I could find some good resources or even someone who I could commission to make me a full group of tile sets? I also wouldn't mind trying out and making them myself if people...

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