1. Rycharde

    Looking for tilesets that would work for upscale, fantasy, steampunkish-era high school

    That said, I've been looking for, preferably, a white stonework or marble exterior, as well as, an interior that has the same quality with an obvious Japanesiest, high school charm. The high school is part of an academy, made up of primary, secondary, and higher ed, within the capital of one...
  2. tabzeethecat

    School Tileset

    Hi I'm looking for a Japanese style school classroom/school tile sets I could use for my game. Does anyone know where I could find some good resources or even someone who I could commission to make me a full group of tile sets? I also wouldn't mind trying out and making them myself if people...
  3. Lonelywraith

    How may I contact makapri?

    Greetings, people! I've been lurking on makapri's resources and she has some wonderful graphics I'd like to use, but it seems that if I want to use them, I need to contact her even thought it's free to use them in commercial or non commercial games (according to what I read, again). But now I...
  4. MakoTorii

    "Upcoming Support Tools Development"?

    (PS: Topic title was gotten from Google Translate) I'm not sure where to post about this, but I just saw it from the Japanese RM Twitter. 
  5. Quite.Toxick

    MV Generator Part: Asian straw hat

    Hello to all the pixel artists out there! Resource Type: Generator Part (SV/TV/TVD) Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV RTP / Realistic Description:  For my MV project I would really need an Asia-type straw hat, like farmers and monks often wear it in movies/anime.)  I searched up and...
  6. com_sho

    The Traditional Japanese houses.

    DOWNLOAD wahuu.zip for MV user. TERMS OF USE : This tileset free for use with free and commercial RPG Maker MV games. Credit:As you like. Sample
  7. jet_black

    Modern japanese Tilesets & CharSets

    Hello guys, a few month ago, I found a thread over here (Could be one of Grannies List, I don´t know anymore) with lots of modern resources. There were links to a japanese website which had looots of modern japanese resources (tilesets and characters) in a kind of dark style. Streets...
  8. In MV What Are Each of the Multiple Installers For?

    When I purchase RPG Maker MV there were several downloads as well. I used my license key to upgrade from the trial version, so what are these exta installs for. The install screen for each of these say RPG Maker MV, as what they're installing, so I don't know what each specifically does. The...
  9. I want to show Japanese characters in RPGVXAce Game

    Hello fellow game designers,  I'm trying to make a small language learning game and I'm having trouble implementing Japanese characters.  Japanese will only be used for the opening two dialogues and then it switches to English. The Japanese text appears just fine when I type them in the...
  10. Audio Freak's Music Showcase (Paid)

    Hello, I am Audio Freak. I am here today to share my services with people who love making easy-to-make RPG Maker games.  I sell great-quality music (all made myself).  This thread is to share them all.  So, that said. [snip]
  11. blamethepoet

    REQUEST Visual Novel

    Hello everyone Since many on this forum are fans of Visual Novels I would like to request a RMMV plugin which could recreate the easiness of Theolized animated message portrait. http://www.theolized.com/2013/10/theo-animated-message-portrait.html Thanks for your time!
  12. NarikoStudios

    Japanese and Winter Clothing and Humanoid Bird

    Hope this is okay as I tried to follow the form Resource type Characters and Battlers Maker Format MV Art Style Anime/Manga if possible Description Hey i'm looking for somebody to make me some Japanese clothing for the game i'm making for RPG Maker MV The main guy who's 19 I've put some...
  13. Lakaroth

    Japanese Plugin (Platform/Adventure) help

    Hello there, i have find this great plugin (Original Japanese Website) I have translate the website and i have understand something, i can't find the contact or email of the guy who made this, anyway i have only one problem. Everything works perfect, there's only a BUG. If you touch the screen...
  14. saronpasu

    Translate Term Plugin

    active change translate terms. first, check your browser language. in game option menu on change 'auto' or 'English' or '日本語' or 'Default'. this plugin is override of rpg_manager.js and rpg_window.js. usage TranslateTerms.js and terms/ja_JP.json terms/en_US.json copy to js/plugins. plugin...
  15. Translating your game

    Hi everyone, I've recently got 2 of my games on Steam and I've just been thinking about other ways to sell my game. My games are old-school/snes-era and I think that rpgs like that are popular in Japan (I could be wrong).  Has anyone tried getting their game translated before? How much does it...
  16. Will we be able to use Japanese text in the English release?

    Hello. I know this may sound a silly question but, will we be able to use Japanese text in the English version of MV? Because in VX Ace, you can make Japanese text (kana+kanji) appear in the game. This will be my main point to buy the maker. Also, buying the JP version is not an option. My...
  17. demonhead

    Stealth Puzzle Bilingual(English/Japanese) game

    Game Genre : Stealth Puzzle Bilingual(English/Japanese) game.   Synopsis:    This is a rough work in progess,  The gameplay is puzzleish and stealthy. There is not much stealth at the moment.    An old man wakes up outside a castle. You play as a witty old man, who is entering a castle for some...
  18. demonhead

    Playing Japanese Games with English Commentary

    Hello, I've been studying Japanese for 3 years. I'm around an intermediate level. I understand the majority of the story, and if I don't know a word I'll usually look it up. The first game Im playing is one of the VX ACE sample games.  http://tkool.jp/products/rpgvxace/samplegame.html...
  19. KanaX

    Weeaboo Stuff

    I'm making some Japanese themed sprites for a guy and I said to myself "Hell, it's my work I'm gonna do whatever I want with it." So here it is. Doll/Little Girl in Kimono This little pretty thang is a 39 pixel tall mass of cuteness/creepyness. She even has her arms up, hoping to embrace/gut...
  20. demonhead

    Japanese learner demonhead desu

    Hello,   I've been learning Japanese for about 3 years now. I'm playing Japanese games while commentating in English.   Other than games, I like manga (Currently reading meitantei conan),   I started making a game awhile ago. I thought signing up here might help me finish it.   I was making it...

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