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  1. RMMV Need help fixing a small line of code

    I've been attempting to change the damage font size to 40 whenever damage critically hits as opposed to +4, so damage numbers would be bigger on critical hits. But I'm not sure how to place main.fontSize in this setupCriticalEffect bracket without causing the game to crash or to say...
  2. RoooodWorks

    RMMV Heartbeat + Flashlight monitor HUD conversion

    Hi, I have a script made in VXACE and would like it to be converted to MV as I want to move my project to that. It's basically a heartbeat monitor that uses HP to monitor like in the resident evil games, with a flashlight add on that when used drains MP as battery(or variables), it shows for a...
  3. [MZ] Display sp\xe param?

    Good day, I'm sorry for my english. Сan you please tell me if there is a way to display the values from the functions sp\xe parameters? // EVAsion rate eva: { get: function() { return this.xparam(1); }, configurable: true }, No, I don't need a...
  4. I need that when event A passes close to event B, event B behaves differently

    Greetings I need that when event A passes close to event B, event B behaves differently. Specifically, event B is fixed, and A is an event that only travels one route. When the distance between A and B (the hypotenuse of the triangle formed by this distance and the coordinate axis) is less...
  5. Ket

    RMMV Help Moving from Ruby to Javascript

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any advice or sources on translating scripts, specifically from Ruby to JS. Things like tutorial videos, a simple guide on where to start translating, or a list of function equivalents and the like would be extremely helpful. I've dug around for a while to...
  6. Karbonic

    RMMV On-Map Battles?

    I'm currently looking for a plugin for RPG Maker MV which allows for on map turn based battles. Victor made something similar for RPG Maker VX Ace, but I haven't been able to find anything similar for RPG Maker MV. To...
  7. paeyo

    RMMV Type error - Cannot read property 'resolution' or undefined (with screenshots)

    Greetings. I'd like to apologise beforehand, since English is not my mother tongue and I might misspell a couple of things, but I hope you will anyway understand the issue I'm about to expone. I last used RPG Maker MV (OS X) back in April this year, 100% legal (Steam), and didn't come across...
  8. Kingkoala

    RMMV Unique Enemy Names JS Override (A, B, C, D)

    Hi, I just came back to a project after a hiatus and my MV updated and it reset the edits I made to the .js to remove the "unique enemy names (A,B,C,D) etc for duplicate battlers Now for the life of me I cannot figure out how I got rid of them the first time. I've removed "...
  9. Dungeonmind

    RMMV How do I change the entire screen to greyscale using javascript?

    Basically, if anyone can point me in the right direction to do something like this or even IF we can do something like this. Any help is appreciated.
  10. ArcanoTheDarksmiler

    RMMV How to implement a own Battle System with Plugins?

    Hello Guys Im very new here an i hope i get some help, thanks at this point and sorry for my bad English. Okay First i Show you a Picture that i create with Gimp it shows only my Idear for my own Battle Sytem. This is only Conzept art But my system work with Attack Circles based on a Grid...
  11. Add text to SumRndmDde's Picture Choice Menu

    Hi, Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere but I couldn't find it... I'm using SumRndmDde's picture choice menu plugin, which i love, but I wanted to be able to add text over the picture when it is highlighted. My Javascript knowledge is ok, but I really get lost in all of the RPGmaker...
  12. How are item effects represented in the JavaScript?

    How are item effects represented in the JavaScript? I have been trying to figure out how to choose which aspects of an item are randomized when using Yanfly's independent items. I have already read through Yanfly's plugin's code and did not see anything there about it. Although, maybe I missed...
  13. Random Panda

    Determining the users state from within a plugin

    Hi all, I am mostly a beginner at writing code but I can usually fudge my way through simple things. I'm hoping some of you here can help with what I am trying to do. From within a plugin I would like to have a part that basically does this: if user has state (x) do A else do B The...
  14. SumRndmDde - Android Problems !

    Hi guys ! I try my game on android device, everything work perfectly exept 1 : I saw something about NodeJs or i don't what, but i'm not expert so i don't know if someone fix this or if it's not possible ? If someone can help me, i'll be glad ! Regards !
  15. nathanlink169

    Drawing a colour to a pixel (or multiple pixels)

    Hi all. I'm trying to highlight an area with a semi-transparent colour to represent an NPC's vision cone. Is there a way to say "draw this colour at this location"?
  16. BlueCheezus

    Help with fire shield state.

    Hello guys! First post here, Anyways I was trying to make a fire shield state that has a chance to add burn to attackers. In these forums I've found this code I'll include below that allows me to add burn to attackers, however I don't want it to happen every time. <Custom React Effect> //...
  17. Microphone detection for horror/stealth game

    I was trying to find a microphone detection plugin where, whenever a player makes a sound, it could alert enemies nearby to the player. Gives a sense of realism. There was a thread that had something similar but the post was old, and the answer that was provided was speculation. where I need...
  18. dragon1up

    Paid plugins that lag

    This is in relation to a very similar thread of a card game battle plugin lagging and not working as advertised. So you may be wondering why another thread, well quite simply I'm looking for support in terms of how best to optimize Java scripting and how to optimize said plugins. But Dragon1up...
  19. Poppie360

    Mind helping me dissect the map.json files?

    So what i am doing is trying to create a custom editor in game for making maps with the possibility of making a mod support system. however the main issue is the Map.json files, how are they structured? Here is what i have been able to figure out on my own; through messing around with values...
  20. FatalErrorDriveB

    How do I indicate that I want something to run only when the player uses the plugin command?

    So I'm sure this is a simple thing, and I've looked through other plugins to see if I could figure it out, but I must be missing it because I can't see what tells the code to run only once called via a plugin command? To make sure I'm clear enough, basically, I'm writing a card mini-game, and...

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