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  1. Skill Shop setting Actor/Skill Type specific skill purchases

    Hi, so I'm using the YED plugin here: When I get to the skill shop, I want skills for purchase only showing up for certain members. For example, I have a white mage. Only my white mage should...
  2. Plugin for "Spaceship" Movement

    I don't know if there is a specific name for "spaceship movement", but what I'm reffering to is when you press left or right the character turns, with 8 directions for the character "Ship" sprite. When you press forward you accelerate at a constant rate until you reach maximum velocity. Star...
  3. ABandit

    Custom requirement Yanfly skill core, Javascript help required.

    Hi there! I'm working on 'joint skills' in my RPG maker MV project, in which two characters join forces. These skills cannot be used if a certain member is not in the party or that certain party member is affected by a status effect that makes you lose control of that character, like paralysis...
  4. Press Turn Battle System

    Hey Everyone, is there a plugin that replicates the press turn phases? I am more looking for system like shown below in this VX ace video :) If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great! I'm mainly interested in the group turn icons phases. Many Thanks!
  5. Mr_Saltine

    Help with odd skill system

    I am trying to make a skill/magic system similar in function to the "Mana Eggs" from Grandia 2. My version are crystals. for example, equipping the Fire Crystal will only let you see, learn, and use Fire spells. if you unequip the fire crystal, the spells go with it. i can set the crystals to...
  6. KitteyWolf

    Transparent animated AutoTiles [MV]

    Hey! So I've been looking around for a way to make autotiles that have a transparent background, that way say i can use a watertile, on ANY terrain. having the ability to have a pond/lake that spans over many different terrain types. I looked around to see if someone had figured it out before-...
  7. Aura_Gamer

    My custom plugin error: x is not defined

    Hey! I'm new to this forum, I was making my own js plugin for making a custom title screen. Everything was going fine but I don't know where but I got this message:- Reference error: x is not defined :( Steps to reproduce the problem: 1. Create a blank project. 2. Create some splash screen with...
  8. Yulia

    Common event menu command.

    Is there a way to create a small plugin that only adds one new command to the menu that will call a common event?? I only need this one function so I don't want to use any complicated plugins like Yanfly's if it's possible.
  9. Stat Growth On Kill State

    Hello, I haven't made too many posts here and wouldn't be surprised if I missed an existing thread for this, but I was wondering about how to go about making a skill that does the following: -Upon using this skill, the actor gains a state called "Furnace" until the end of combat. While Furnace...
  10. Anomaly

    Making sure I'm not loosing my mind here.

    Hey everyone! Normally, I never really post help topics because I would usually figure everything out myself. Coming from VX Ace and using MV finally. (I bought back in 2015 as a pre-order). I took it upon myself to finally dive into JavaScript. Having coded a lot in Ruby before (RGSS3's...
  11. Yulia

    The right code for a script call

    Hi! Programming for me is like some alien language so I need some help with script calls. I want to create a common event that will check if an event with id "1" is close to the player (it's a common event because I need to check this on several maps). I've found two versions of a script call...
  12. Rook47

    Orange Green Works (Need Help)

    Hi so i am trying to use orange green works and green works by Huddell to incorporate steam achievements I have everything in the right spot and have the script enabled for the event. Here are some screen shots to show what i got Lib folder...
  13. Flicker789

    How to include/show variables from Plugin into ingame?

    Hi guys, so I managed to create an "test.js" file. In this JS file, I have a function "function go(){ var test = "message";} My problem now is, I don't get it how can I show this content of my variable "test" ingame? Example: Hello $test how are you today? How can I print or show this...
  14. Lupin

    Ok no clue whats wrong with Yanfly Animated sv enemies plugin

    So I been having this very nice fight where you fight a character and its very intensive. Most are unable to beat this fight (You don't die but there is one heck of a reward if you win) and sadly it looks like the SV animated is no longer working. I tried turning off everything but the core...
  15. ougitou1

    Disabling the onclick method..

    hello all first here I was wondering, er better yet I have a question, is is possible to disable the onclick method temporarily for a certain method for a window? See I have a certain menu that I’m making and it needs to have the default cursor but without the clickability. I’d like to disable...
  16. Yitzi Litt

    Give actors hp at start of battle?

    How would I go about making actors gain a set amount of hp at the start of any battle?
  17. Yitzi Litt

    run code on save-file load

    How would I make code run as soon as one loads any save file? Thanks!
  18. Help with Yanfly Enhanced TP plugin

    I am using a custom menu for my game i completely don't have a use for the skills menu. So i wanted to know if i could make the TP Mode option not appear in the skills menu and rather just make a custom menu option using Yanflys Main Menu Manager. Alternatively I would also just hide my skill...
  19. Zireks

    Looking for specific functions

    So I've started making a plugin-in for MV called the MathClashSystem. What I want it to do is this: When a player selects the Magic tab in the battle menu (Titled Mathamancy instead of Magic) instead of displaying spells it displays a randomly selected question from a predetermined list based...
  20. Zireks

    How Do I Implement JavaScript into MV?

    So I'm new to using RPG Maker and recently got MV on Steam. I know that this version of the software uses the JavaScript coding language to make personal battle scripts so after learning the basics I've started to code the stuff I need. However I've ran into a problem. Let me start by...

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