java script

  1. Alli Crane

    Is it possible to change regular player sprites to smaller sprites on over-world with a plugin?

    I was wondering because I don't like how everything looks out of proportion when you're big and the houses are freaking small.
  2. ItaliaVeneziano1

    Guitar Hero Battle or Mini Game Plugin

    Hello everyone, I would like to request a plugin that can do ether of these two things. 1. Change the battle sequence into a music game like guitar hero, or... 2. Make it so when a certain event is triggered, it can go into a mini game like guitar hero. I know there was something like this for...
  3. Roszhelhia

    How to REMOVE "Save" from Menu screen completely?

    :kaocry: I am aware that there is a change save access option, but I want that the save option is not seen on the menu screen. In RPG VX ace I used to just comment out the add save from the Window menu command. How do I do this for RPG MV?
  4. MRD256

    Looking for Extra Params

    I was wondering if there is a Plug-In out there that can add in new parameters to actors (like charisma, dexterity, will, etc.). Don't get confused, I'm not looking for a plug-in that modifies base parameters, I'm looking for one that adds completely new parameters. It would so be great if it...
  5. mega01man

    MV's Base Script Documentation Poll

    I just read the thread We need a guide to MV's base scripts that @Wavelength started. I agree with the topic of the thread and want to start a poll about it. I've got @Wavelength 's permission to do so. Having MV's base script documented will help a lot of people, programmers and non...
  6. Sgt.Dude

    Creating a conditional passive with Yanfly's Auto passive states plugin

    I'm currently trying to create a passive where when the party is outnumbered by the enemies in a fight, a certain actor gets a power boost ( Something along the lines of boosting the attack and defense stats for example). Problem is, I'm a total noob at this and I don't understand anything about...
  7. mcphersonsound

    BGM and BGS sync

    I write my own music for my games, and would like to make it more dynamic. I've figured out it possible assign music to both BGM and BGS tracks to create cross fades and interactive instrumentation. Problem is that the software doesn't load up the tracks at the same time so the tracks are out of...
  8. Iliketea

    How can I get a actors max TP?

    Hi everyone, I need some help with Yanflys TP enhance plugin. For the TP regeneration part after a won battle I want to set it so that it recovers 10% of the actors max TP.  How ever, I have no clue about java script and when I tried to do it myself I got error massages all over...
  9. Hopelessdecoy

    Plugin making education

    Are there any good sources for learning Java script specific to MV? Also where can I learn about default classes and functions for MV? I know C/C++ and wish to delve into js for MV any help is appreciated!
  10. grem333

    Request- Farming System

    I would LOVE a farming script for MV! I know they are very complex (it took me literally YEARS to find one for VX Ace), so I doubt this will happen anytime soon. Basically, I would like a farming system similar to that of Harvest Moon. This would be able to be tied in to weather variables and a...

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