1. Swafer

    Microphone detection for horror/stealth game

    I was trying to find a microphone detection plugin where, whenever a player makes a sound, it could alert enemies nearby to the player. Gives a sense of realism. There was a thread that had something similar but the post was old, and the answer that was provided was speculation. where I need...
  2. nintendowii111

    Add plugin command to show/hide

    The attached file is the plugin I'm using. I want to add plugin logic so that i can show/hide or enable/disable the plugin with a plugin or script command. I have no knowledge of java and would love some help. Thanks!
  3. Xyonel

    card image instead of text

    Hi, I've managed to get some of previous work about my personal album window, but now I'm stuck at this problem: how can I change the names of the cards into images?(the command list button will represent every image of single card, for those unknown instead will be shown card back. the command...
  4. Moxy

    Add-On Content Released By Date

    I'm getting ready to release my game in about a month. I want to have add-on content (weapons, outfits, items) that are on the game from day one, but won't be available to the user until later dates. For example I might have a Halloween themed outfit available on Halloween. This way as time...
  5. Xyonel

    personalized menus(skills and others)

    Hello, this isn't simple for me but for someone who it's used to javascript will be: i must create personalized skill menus for every character, one is with sword skills, one with bow, then i could adapt this new menu to the items and other, someone already have or could create a dynamic menu...
  6. PixelBoy360

    -SOLVED- Yanfly "Libra Skill" either doesnt work, or "it has no effect"

    I tried out the code from the libra tutorial and either nothing would happen. or If I redid it in a new project it would say, "It had no effect". So is my plugins out of order or is something conflicting? Here is the plugin list.
  7. Nilom

    Plugin to save common events

    Hello! Is there a plugin that can save common events when transfering on a different map? I have the following situation: Common Event: - code - code - code - player transfer to shop - code - player transfer back to map - code - code - code - etc. Instead of continuing the red parts above...
  8. Nilom

    .push() is not a function ._. [solved]

    Hello! I used .push() for a card drawing skill system before. But when I try to do something similar and store movement commands (numbers) inside an array then I get ".push()" is not a function. What did I do wrong? I just do not see it: if...
  9. The_Black_Knight

    "Auto-Life" that deals damage

    So, I'm trying to adapt to deal damage to all enemies instead of reviving the character, however I'm not proficient at Java at all, so, I hope I can get some help. Here's the code/notetag: <Category: Bypass Death Removal> <Custom...
  10. The_Black_Knight

    Getting the right values in the right fields, combining absorption barrier with menu customizer.

    So, I would like to combine SumRndmDde's and yanfly's in a certain way. I would like to make a seperate gauge in the status customiser, where the current value shown would be the...
  11. Marzanna

    Yanfly Quest journal plugin Problem

    Hi there, so I'm begginer in RPG Maker and java code, and usually I find the solution of my problem but with this problem I'm lost ~ So, I use Yanfly Quest journal plugin, and when I want click on "Complete" window I have this message from java. I download the plugin in Yanfly website ...
  12. FoxySeta

    [EDITED]Building for Android: Failed to notify project evaluation listener > Java Heap Space

    COMMAND LINE: Objective-J.js:9388 cordova create "a" "" "a" (unknown) Creating a new cordova project. (unknown) (unknown) Finished Creating Project... (unknown) Objective-J.js:9388 COMMAND LINE: Objective-J.js:9388 "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Visual Novel...
  13. KidCreator

    Cannot Read Properly "Meta" of Null

    So I just booted up RPG Maker MV to resume work on my game that I hadn't touched since before Christmas, and suddenly there's this error every time I load up my Save and attempt to trigger a battle. Now, Battle Test works fine, and so far as I remember, the battle in-game worked the last time I...
  14. Zyvril

    Making MOG's Chain Command not random.

    MOG's chain command plugin is fantastic, but I was wondering if there was a way to manipulate the inputs that it decides or even make combos that will always happen instead of it's default random inputs. Plugin:
  15. Help with choice scripting

    I wanted to make a very simple script (im learning javascript, i already know java and c but im having a hard time with this) I made a simple plugin that only has this function: function showTexts(){ $gameMessage.add("choose"); $gameMessage.setChoices(['Yes', 'No'],0,-1)...
  16. Philsco

    Self Switch check via script call?

    Okay, so in VX Ace, you could use $game_self_switches[[map, event, 'self_switch']] = value to manipulate an event's self switch. For example: $game_self_switches[[@map_id, 7, 'C']] = true would change event 7 on the current map's self switch "C" to "On," since in that code @map_id referenced...
  17. Kraden96

    Removing Specific Parameters From Yanfly's Plugins.

    Hello fellow designers, coders, and general fans! Does anyone know how to remove the Max MP (or replace Max MP with Max TP) and luck from the menu and aftermath screen from yanfly's core scripts without leaving blank boxes? Our game intends on utilizing Tp as if it were mp for the way our...
  18. ABS for RPG Maker MV

    Hey guys. I wanted to ask you if anybody know's if there is a ABS (Action Battle System) Plugin out there, that is WORKING and get's supported... I have huge problems with Phoenix Kage Desu's ABS. (Which actually is a GREAT ABS!!!) I get crashes, bugs and even Game breaking Bugs.... So does...
  19. Roszhelhia

    How to REMOVE "Save" from Menu screen completely?

    :kaocry: I am aware that there is a change save access option, but I want that the save option is not seen on the menu screen. In RPG VX ace I used to just comment out the add save from the Window menu command. How do I do this for RPG MV?
  20. Breaking the fourth wall - Help

    Hey! We're currently developing a horror game which breaks the fourth wall often to freak out the player. Is there a potential way a character can say the name of the player's PC profile? So the player doesn't input their name, but the game searches for the PC name and says it. example...

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