1. RMMZ Need help with my data dumping plugin

    Hey all, long time lurker, first time poster here. So here's the thing: I have a webpage that contains my game in an iframe. I want to be able to display variable data from the iframe itself onto the webpage in real time. The game is mostly developed and I just need something to extract the...
  2. Aceinfurno

    How does RMMV actually handle and process Characters, Classes, and Skills?

    I'm just getting into using RMMV and I have a bit of background in programming to build from, however I'm having a bit of trouble understanding how the RMMV JS code actually function and interact with one another, and I can't find many resources that actually cover this. The project I'm working...
  3. void_of_the_mind

    RMMV TypeError problem

    Hello all, I've stumbled on an issue with a TypeError. I recently was fiddling with some events but nothing major, and now i'm getting this every time I try to playtest: This error pops up every time and I cannot really determine it's source. These are the plugins I am currently using: I...
  4. Karbonic

    RMMV Implementation of Color Map Filter with Pixi Filter Controller

    Hello! Right now I'm trying to make a custom script to run Pixi.Filters.ColorMapFilter using Tsukimi-Neko's Pixi Filter Controller. Following the guide in that thread, I have made the following script to attempt to run Color Map Filter. var newFilterName = "colormap"...
  5. LyonBuster

    RMMV Change SideView Battle System into FrontView Battle System

    Hello everyone!. Today I ask if it's possible to make something like this Persona-like battle hud, which was made in RPG Maker VXA as far as I am concerned (I may be wrong there), but I want to make it in RPG Maker MV, just because I know (a tiny little) more of Javascript than of Ruby. This is...
  6. RMMV How to get the current option on a switch? Not yet chosen!

    Hi, I'm a developer in a adveture through the RPG Maker. So, I've searched for many times but without any sucess. I have one switch that my friend and partner dev made, and I want to get the name (or even 'obj' properties) of the current option where the 'cursor' it's over. For example: imaging...
  7. PH2

    Iphone Bug (advanced)

    Hi! My name is Paulo and I'm the creator of Tropicalia! I launched my game to Iphones, and some people reported a strange bug. I managed to reproduce it, but the debugger didn't help me. Here's the bug. It happens anywhere, in battle, menus or in the map. The game tries to load a resource and...
  8. Poppie360

    RMMV Questions regarding maps

    So I am working on a plugin however i am unsure of how to go about a particular thing. I am trying to figure out how the game handles storing map data and loading it, as I want to add functionality to during runtime say...update a tile to become something else. like; To this but in runtime...
  9. KineticDog

    RMMV Pass Parameter When Calling Common Events

    Hi there. I would like to know if it's possible to pass parameters when calling a common events. This could make a lot of work easier. I already know a compromised way of achieving it, which is save the value in a variable first, and fetch it in common event. I just want to know if there is...
  10. goldrat1

    How to have stronger enemy attacks depending on damage taken last turn?

    Hi, RPGMaker Forums! I've recently tried to create a system that would increase the attack damage of a skill an enemy uses depending on the percentage of the enemy's health that was lost in the last turn. Unfortunately, my system causes crashes, and I'm wondering how I could go about doing this...
  11. RMMZ Start Menu Animations

    I am wanting to know if it would be possible to have an animation (with sound effects) play each time the game opens. I dont have the animation yet, but the idea is that there are a lot of screens set up on a shelf. One screen flickers on we zoom in and focus on it. Then then start menu options...
  12. CardeMaker

    RMMV Error in SRD_SupertoolsEngine

    Hi everyone! Recently i was trying to use Supertools Engine in my project, but when i try it, THIS happens So, when i was searching for help, in the internet, because my programming knowledge is ZERO, i notice that a very few other persons had any problem, and nobody had the same as me, i...
  13. nathanlink169

    Reading an Events Comments

    Hi all, This is a feature I've seen in previous RPG Makers, and am not certain if it's possible with MV. Long story short: I have an event. That event has comments in it that I'm trying to read. These comments will be used to determine certain behaviour of my script. Long story...
  14. Assigning variable to actor ID during battle.

    I'm having trouble with assigning variables to an actor's ID during battles. At the moment, I have an item that, when used, sets a variable (35) to the ID of the actor using it, and then calls a common event that does conditional processing. It works great outside of battles, but does not...
  15. ThreeSixNine

    Creating a dynamic basic attack with Yanfly's weapon unleash and a custom function

    Greetings makers! xDRAGOONx here, bringing you my very first tutorial! This tutorial highlights how I use Yanfly's Weapon Unleash Plugin (which is a paid plugin), as well as a custom function added through a small plugin, to replace the standard attack skill with a modified attack skill based...
  16. Poppie360

    Icon shows up as blank when first loaded

    (explination to above; i had the origonal problem but litterally figured out the issue five minuets after but a new one happened, so i didnt want to make a thread right after i had already made this one.) So when running this code, the icon ends up blank at first, and when you exit out of the...
  17. Poppie360

    How does loading the graphics work in the engine?

    So for the plugin i am creating it would be helpful to know how the engine goes about loading the following; Icons Enemy graphics Tileset graphics Face graphics Event graphics* basically i am trying to figure out what is responsible for loading them so i can just copy the function and make a...
  18. Poppie360

    Help with DataManager.loadMapData?

    So i have been messing around with how MV loads map files, i have come across various functions relating to how map files are loaded, however when trying to make it so the function operates through custom file paths it doesn't work; Anyone have any ideas of how to actually do this?
  19. Poppie360

    How do I draw tile to a window with the TileID?

    Hey, I was wondering how to draw a tile to a window or the screen in general through scripting. (and by tile i mean the things in the tilesets, used for maps and whatnot) I know it seems simple but i cannot figure it out, looking though the code i have found things regarding how characters...
  20. Poppie360

    Questions regarding a mod system I am going to create.

    After having found out how the map file works i would like to ask a few questions and receive help and pointers about my ideas to create a working mod system in MV. I will hide them behind spoilers to save space and organize things nicely. Now the actual use case is for a project i am...

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