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  1. RMMV Tinting certain areas of a sprite

    Yo! Quick question: is there a way to change the .tint of only a section of a Sprite? For example: var IconSet = new Sprite(); IconSet.bitmap = ImageManager.loadSystem('IconSet'); IconSet.tint = 0x666666// Darken this only for one Icon as its clicked; keeping all other Icons with an unchanged...
  2. RMMV AnimatedSVBattler in Menu Screen

    Yo! I am trying to add an animated svbattler to the menu screen but have only managed to add a non animated sprite. I have looked into "SRD_AltMenuScreen_BustSelect" to try and reverse engineer and see how he did it but.. I am a beginner at coding and it may take me weeks to fully understand...
  3. omarproductions

    RMMV How To Display Text Anywhere On Screen, and Include In Game Variables, Also How To Hide/Show And Update The Text

    Hey Makers, how's it going? I'm not that skilled when it comes to using JavaScript. The only stuff I know is from when I was taking web development 1 in college, plus we barely touch it in that course. So, little to say, my knowledge when it comes to JavaScript, is next to none. That's why I've...
  4. RMMV On Map Battles/Embedding Ruby into JS

    Hi everyone, Been searching everywhere for a plugin to have the battles take place on the map instead of a seperate battle screen. The most perfect plugin is Victor Engine's Map Turn Battle ( for VX Ace, but there...
  5. mogneto

    Select Choices with Mouse Only

    So, I am doing a Visual Novel game. I've been playing a lot of VNs during the quarentine period and, a thing that i noticed is that in most of them the player can only select the choices with the mouse, meaning you cannot use the space button (the OK button) to do it. I think that's pretty good...
  6. dbchest

    Parallax Mapping

    let us pretend we created a new project and removed all of the plugins that are installed into the project by default. let us pretend we wanted to integrate parallax mapping into this project. i would like to discuss the key components a programmer should consider when designing a plugin to...

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