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  1. RMMV On Map Battles/Embedding Ruby into JS

    Hi everyone, Been searching everywhere for a plugin to have the battles take place on the map instead of a seperate battle screen. The most perfect plugin is Victor Engine's Map Turn Battle ( for VX Ace, but there...
  2. mogneto

    Select Choices with Mouse Only

    So, I am doing a Visual Novel game. I've been playing a lot of VNs during the quarentine period and, a thing that i noticed is that in most of them the player can only select the choices with the mouse, meaning you cannot use the space button (the OK button) to do it. I think that's pretty good...
  3. dbchest

    Parallax Mapping

    let us pretend we created a new project and removed all of the plugins that are installed into the project by default. let us pretend we wanted to integrate parallax mapping into this project. i would like to discuss the key components a programmer should consider when designing a plugin to...

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I want to use a simple animation for a feature of Aletoirs Feast so now I'm touching for the first time the animation system of RM, hope the final result doesn't look too bad hahaha :kaoswt2:

How much n would you tolerate having the screen and the options shake/mock for every wrong answer you give in a hypothetical game?
I have officially released JABS 2.00.

Do people think there would be value in releasing the non-JABS plugins as separate posts/threads here on this forum?

Additionally, I just would like to drum up excitement/anticipation/hype that I plan on spinning up the following:
- A custom crafting system that grants is modeled after the star ocean franchise.
- A custom menu system to go along with JABS on-the-map.
If a developer focuses too much on describing the game mechanics in the official trailer for their RPG, I'm going to wonder whether their writing is so bad that it doesn't deserve center stage for their game. This seems to be a pitfall for the marketing on a lot of games.

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