javascript error

  1. Saving Issue - undefined is not a function

    Whenever I try to save my game, this error appears. I don't know how to fix it. Do I need to update the plugins or the version I'm using (1.5.1)?
  2. ToastyGalaxy

    Battle System Error: Property 'result' undefined

    Hello! I made an account just for this problem! I've looked everywhere on google and this forum for why I am getting this error and nothing is turning up. What happens is that when battle testing or starting a battle in general, the program is unable to define how much damage is dealt (as the...
  3. Aura_Gamer

    My custom plugin error: x is not defined

    Hey! I'm new to this forum, I was making my own js plugin for making a custom title screen. Everything was going fine but I don't know where but I got this message:- Reference error: x is not defined :( Steps to reproduce the problem: 1. Create a blank project. 2. Create some splash screen with...

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