javascript help

  1. gambitben

    Take 50% damage when evading

    Hi everyone! So I've been trying to solve this really hard and I can't figure it out on my own. I want to change the way evading an attack is handled. I want the battlers to take 50% damage when they evade an attack. How can I achieve this? Thank you in advance!
  2. noelburgundy27

    I Need Help Converting a Few Simple VX Ace plugins for MV

    Trust me, the form of the scripts themselves are kinda easy, but re-discovering JS is kind of making my head go bonkers when I've worked with RGSS3 for so long. Anyways! I have trouble trying to figure out how to convert RGSS3 to JS for MV without a better idea of the structure for the engine...
  3. Yulia

    The right code for a script call

    Hi! Programming for me is like some alien language so I need some help with script calls. I want to create a common event that will check if an event with id "1" is close to the player (it's a common event because I need to check this on several maps). I've found two versions of a script call...
  4. I need help making (sort of) specific IF statements for Battle (RMMV)

    Hello! I was told to ask my questions here, and not completely rely on the steam forums. So I'm making a game with a complicated mechanic. If a character is hurt, a bulkier character will jump in front of them and take damage for them. Sort of like the whipping boy skill in Dragon Quest 9. The...
  5. Virage_Detoldev

    Problem with delay on drawText on a Bitmap

    Hello everyone, how are you? I would like someone to help with something. I tried to understand how the creation of the status window works on the menu and I could not, so I decided to create a mask, leaving the windows invisible and using the index of the members to display pictures and etc...
  6. How to call which command a cursor is currently over

    Hi, I'm trying to create a custom game menu, but I've run into a challenge that I haven't been able to solve myself: How do I call which command a cursor is over. Right now I have a menu consisting of multiple screen. What I want is one window to list multiple commands, and the other to...
  7. Iliketea

    Running common event when state runs out

    Hi there, I am trying to have a common event run once a certain state is either removed or runs out. I am using Yanflys Buff and State core for the custom remove/leave effect notetag but the way I set it up doesnt work. Since I dont know javacript I have no clue what is wrong. <Custom Remove...
  8. Hetherton

    Calling from an external JS file?

    Hi there, sorry if this isn't the right place to ask this The RPG Maker MV Script event command only gives a certain (and rather short) amount of lines. Whilst this can be circumvented by writing most of the code in a single line, this makes editing it (say, for bug fixes or additions) a hassle...
  9. How to check if Window_ActorCommand is open

    Hey guys! I wondering what script I can use to check whether or not Window_ActorCommand is open? I've tried everything but I'm not very good at javascript.
  10. Dirge

    Check to see if a skill's target has a state (Yanfly plugins)

    Because I can't seem to stop needing the forum's help... I am using pretty much all of Yanfly's plugins - this question focuses on his Battle Engine and Element Core. I want to build a skill that checks an enemy for state A, and if they have it, adds element A to the skill, otherwise it checks...
  11. C7A7L7V7I7N

    Sprite button script help

    So, I've been watching SoulPour777's Sprite Button tutorial: . I am using this as a basis for writing a script which enables sprite button commands in the battle scene (intended for touch screen), and removing the default windowed command system. At first: everything was going great! I had the...
  12. C7A7L7V7I7N

    Script changes not showing up in my project

    I have encountered a major problem in the development of my project: I was making a plugin which enables sprite buttons to activate skills (in a battle scene). After some success I started having to experiment a little (within my own script only) to try make my buttons to work the way intended...

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