1. DawnStar

    RMMZ [SOLVED] Need help on how to add a new command window during Battle

    To explain what I'm trying to do, during the Battle process, I want to add a small 'Yes/No' Command window that should pop up after the player has selected actions for all party members. Normally, once the last actor has decided an action (attack, skill, etc.) the turn starts immediately. I...
  2. Klimber

    RMMV Replacing default movement settings with WASD

    Hello! Please tell me the script command that changes the standard maker control from arrows to WASD. I using Yanflay plugin KeyboardConfig, but he was not change default setting on start game. It is important that the arrows also continue to work. Thanks in advance.
  3. Naemegashi Yokohuro

    Unlimited and Optimized Pictures handle

    Unlimited and Optimized Pictures handle Introduction These are just some modifications in the original script. Features Remove the auto created (100 default) image objects, and create the image objects dynamically, and when the "erase Picture" is called, it also erase the object. This doesn't...
  4. Jomy10

    RMMV Loading SE before playing?

    Hi, I'm currently playing sound effects (long sound effects) like this: let music = { name: "se_name", volume: 100, pitch: 100, pan: 100 }; AudioManager.playSe(se); However, this happpens with a slight delay and I'd like to get rid of this. Is there a way in which I can load an audio file in...
  5. Jomy10

    RMMV Cutting off sprites using Javascript

    Hi, I'm currently adding a sprite with the following code: let bitmap = ImageManager.loadBitmap("", "path/to/img"); let sprite = new Sprite(bitmap); SceneManager._scene.addChild(sprite); I would now like to render only half of this sprite's width. How can I achieve this? Couldn't find...
  6. RMMV How to create a json when the player saves a game

    Hello, I am creating a game in RPG Maker MV and I want to load some game data into a web page and I thought the easiest way would be to generate a json when the player saves the game and then load the save data into it, but I can't find the way to do it. I'm a beginner at plugins, so I'd really...
  7. Nerdboy

    RMMV Which Version of Greenworks works with OrangeGreenworks v1.2?

    Hello, im trying to create a test environment to test Steam Achievements and Steam Cloud, using OrangeGreenworks js v1.2 but the instructions dont seem to work anymore i think? When i open console f8 i get a OrangeGreenworks error log saying Greenworks failed to load. I know its suppose to say...
  8. GlaireDaggers

    GD Localization - Yet another L18N plugin

    Hey! So I was working on this localization plugin for my own game, Foxblade, and decided I'd go ahead and throw it up on Github in case anyone else finds it useful. The plugin is designed to be really simple to use, so honestly there's not much to it. Localization files are stored in .csv...
  9. RMMZ Adding Images to Commands

    Hello, I'm new to RPG Maker and I'm trying to learn how to make plugins for it. For my first project, I'm trying to change how the battle menu works and looks. I'm trying to figure out how to add an image to a command so that it's not just displaying text. I have a Window_HorizCommand set up to...
  10. ct_bolt

    RMMZ Best way to script a Wait

    I know I've solved this dilemma before in the past and seen quite a few threads that explain it all... maybe it's just because I'm tired but can't really recall what the proper/best way to duplicate the wait command via script... Little help peeps.. please and thank you :) Looking to code...
  11. RMMV How do I get actor id of "friends" from Moogle_X's Actor friendship system?

    (Sorry for bad english. Also sorry if maybe I unknowingly breaking some rule.) I want to show full body of character/another image rather than just face of friend actor in Moogle_X's Actor Friendship System plugin (RPG Maker MV). This is the object I'm interested to edit...
  12. RancidPast

    [SOLVED] Load First Save when Game Boots Up

    Hello guys! I want to set up my game so that when it starts up it checks whether the player as a save file and if the player does have a save file then it would boot up the first save, essentially skipping the save select screen. I have tried looking up a solution to this, including coding my...
  13. RMMZ Reference not defined error being generated by my code.

    My code. var tmp = $gameVariables.value(1) if (tmp = 0) { $gameParty.members()[1].setCharacterImage(Aiden.png,1) $gameParty.members()[1].setFaceImage(Aiden_Warrior_Talk.png,1) $gameParty.members()[1].setBattlerImage(Aiden_Battle.png) } else {...
  14. HalcyanStudio

    RMMV Remove fade when scenemanager.goto

    I'm using Hime's Game Over Events. When the player dies, he is transported to a specific map where I handle the game-over events. However, there is a fade in before the player is transported to the map, where i want i to happen instantly. How can I do this? This is the functions: /*...
  15. PARCB

    RMMV Math equations rendering in messages

    So, as the title says, is there any way to render a math equation inside the game messages, such as, for example, via MathJax? MathJax would have to be included as a plugin, just like this thread. An example of what I would like to do in a already depleted html file is attached as txt, just...
  16. fm2107

    RMMZ intellisense and linting

    hi, new kid on the block here in terms of plugin developer. i was wondering what everyone is doing for solid intellisense and linting for their projects in vscode. its realy annoying not having either in mz project setup. thanks
  17. alcreator440

    RMMV I need help with filtering out values within an array.

    I'm trying to create an array of all of the states that an actor is affected by within certain numbers listed in the database. So for instance, let's say I'm trying to find all of the states that the actor is affect by within 1-400. And as an example let's say the actor is affected by states 12...
  18. LeetMusic

    integrate RPGmaker with gamedistribution sdk

    I am interested in using RPGmaker with the gamedistribution SDK. How do I: Invoke a method to pause AND mute your game within the SDK_GAME_PAUSE event. Will be called every time a video advertisement is ready to play. It is important that the game is...
  19. gambitben

    RMMV Help with making Buffs trigger effects

    Hey, so I've been searching how to do this and all I could find is how to check if an actor has a buff or how to apply them through javascript, and that's dandy and all but what I'm looking for is a bit more specific. Before any other explanation, I'm using many yanfly plugins and I'd be open to...
  20. Trihan

    How to create respawning resource nodes using a single variable and a common event.

    Tutorial Title: How to create respawning resource nodes Brief Description: This tutorial will teach you how to implement a system of harvestable resource nodes which replenish themselves on a timer without the need for many game variables or huge nests of conditional branches. Requirements...

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