1. Danitinkis

    RMMV Help achieving a target scope effect.

    Hey! I'm using YEP_TargetCore and I need help on making a <Custom Target Eval>. I want the skill to affect all alive allies if the user has State 134. However, if user hasn't got State 134, the skill will affect a single alive ally.
  2. DK

    Items Usage Conditions - Allows you to set conditions for the use of items through notes using JavaScript.

    Title: Items Usage Conditions Version: 1.0.0 Author: DKPlugins Description: Allows you to set conditions for the use of items through notes using JavaScript. Compatibility: RPG Maker MV: 1.5+ RPG Maker MZ: 1.0+ Instructions: "Help" languages: English, Russian Terms of use You can: -To use...
  3. BoneCollectors

    Debug error in Visual Studio 2017

    Hi! I am following the tutorial from @gamedev-js from the bottom of the thread here I am using the WinJS template to create a UWP for Xbox in VS 2017. I added the lines to...
  4. RMMV Galv's Menu Themes Engine in MV

    does anyone know if there is a galvs menu theme for rpg maker mv or something similar? I need a plugin to configure settings and inventory
  5. kyonides

    RMMV [RMMZ] Variable Scopes

    I wanted to ask you guys how the scope of variables work in Javascript to learn how they get affected depending on the place they are declared. In Ruby I know that a local variable can be used inside any method and need to be passed to another method as an argument. The same happens in C, C++...
  6. RMMZ Battle Core: The correct JS notetag

    Currently, I am experimenting with JS notetags and I try to figure out which one I need to do the thing I want to do. I have an item which has no effects directly in the RPG maker engine, but is supposed to have effects inside a JS notetag, so I have full control over what's happening. <JS...
  7. RMMZ JS Notetag: How to debug Code inside a notetag?

    My current problem is the following: I want that an Item does make the following things when being used: First, it reduces TP by the TpCost of the item (notetag). Then, it increases the MP, HP and EXP by the associated value that is saved in the notetags. Now I tried it out, but nothing really...
  8. BoneCollectors

    RMMV Help to edit conditional menu commands in Save/Load scene

    Hi! In our game, we have specific places to save the game and other places to load the game. I am trying the edit the Save/Load scene because I want to limit the options depending on the load restrictions. I am writing something wrong in the lines below...
  9. MerchantLegends

    RMMV Font Size of MP Cost in Window_BattleSkill (MV)

    I have wrote some custom code to change the font size in specific windows... See my screenshot below. But for some reason, it isn't changing the font size of the MP cost. Any ideas what I need to do to target that font size too? Code I am using...
  10. RMMZ Plugin Development: How to search the stuff I am looking for

    Currently, I am thinking about making a plugin for the replacement of the exp formula, however, I have no clue how to search the stuff that I need. What I would need is a guide of how does the formular work, how do level ups technically work and what I need to do to replace the EXP formular with...
  11. ScorchedGround

    RMMV Distribute a value randomly among an array but with limit

    I'm trying to create a function within my plugin to distribute a given numeric value among an array with variable length. In addition, each array element may not exceed a given limit. This is for my MV project, however the function itself has nothing to do with the engine, hence why I posted...
  12. RMMV Megaman Battle Network - Combat System Plugin

    Hello folks, I'm green as in "my account isn't editable yet" so I don't have an Avatar yet. But nice to meet you all, I'm crow. I like making stuff, I'm a 2k3 veteran, did about three games that are as far as I know are lost to time. (thank goodness) and now that I'm learning how to code, and...
  13. RMMZ Loot++: My first Plugin, now as Alpha-Version available.

    So, after a bit of learning JavaScript and some questions in various forums, my first Plugin is now in the Alpha-Version! It's free, so don't be shy and give it a try. This plugin gives you more control over enemy drops and gives you an efficient way to produce masses of common loot. I wrote...
  14. RMMZ Javascript RegEx: how to utilize named capture groups

    As you probably noticed from my other threads, i am currently working at a Plugin and i actually make good progress. Now I want to utilize the named capture groups, because of how it makes it easier to extract the information I need from the notetag. Unfortunately, i wasn't able to find out how...
  15. AxulArt

    someone knows an RPGMAKER MZ script to modify the size of the dialog and decision window?

    someone knows an RPGMAKER MZ script to modify the size of the dialog and decision window? I plan to make a game that used 32x32px or 16x16px in the size of the tiles; So I had to change the screen resolution to 640x360. As much as I search in the forums, they only mention things about...
  16. valerieplanets

    RMMV script call for whether battle actions are currently being performed?

    sorry for the amount of questions about this recently, but i was wondering if theres a script call that i can use to check if the actions chosen in battle are currently being performed. i want to know because i've made a battle log text box and i want it only to appear when actions are being...
  17. RMMZ How do you set up a multiline Notetag?

    After a bit of asking (probably a few too many) questions on the internet, I finally managed to write a plugin which actually does what it should! Amazing, isn't it? Yeah, I still don't believe it myself. Anyway, after this torture i have to take the next step and expand the functionality of the...
  18. ElleTrudgett

    Show Choices Cursor Memory

    ChoiceCursorMemory v1.0 Elle Trudgett Introduction Remembers the cursor position for the [Show Choices] command window. This is useful when you want to make multiple selections from the same choice list so you don't have to scroll down from the default position each time. It is also a nice...
  19. kyonides

    Problems with Arrays in JS

    I was trying to let the plugin read a predefined array by looking for any of its elements like this array[position]. I kept getting an UNDEFINED object instead. Curiously, whenever I left something like array[2] with no index variable involved, it was able to log the result in the console or...
  20. kenny341jack

    RMMV Get variable value into Javascript

    Hello, there's a plugin about input name. There's a description text "Input a name" and "Press ENTER when ready" shown like this You can change through parameter from plugin manager I want to know about this In short, I want set a string on variable and from Javascript call that...

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