1. PaganoCristo

    [JS] scripts for controlling variables via calculation

    Hello everyone, I am a new RPGmaker user with basic JS knowledge for web design, I'd need to learn how to get and set game variables and how to alter them via calculation. The specific situation here is an in-game clock mechanic (based on steps, NOT on playtime) I'm trying to get to work: once...
  2. EdenGenesisWs

    Learning javascript for RPG Maker

    Hello everyone! I started to learn javascript, but I quickly realized that the books I bought are very web design or software creation oriented. I would have liked to know if there are books specializing in the creation of scripts or plugins for RPG Maker. Indeed, I tell myself that with such...
  3. NatePlays

    [RMMV] **SOLVED** Help with scripting loop code sequence

    So, I think MV uses JavaScript, which I have little idea how to write in, and I don't know how to call stuffs from rpgmaker as well ($game functions). Basically, I want to save myself hours found this in event language as it's very cluttered, so a script should compact it: var actor = 7; \\my...
  4. RMMV Yanfly Enemy Level Issue - Fluctuation parameters not working

    Greetings! If the Defaut level returns 10, and the positive fluctuation = 0 and the negative fluctuaction = 5, I expected a range = [5 ~ 10]. But, I have all enemies with level 10, exactly. If positive fluctuation = 5 and negative fluctuaction = 0, I expected a range = [10 ~ 15]. But, I...
  5. Tushin

    How to make new events by script?

    I can use a pre-defined event (I can see here), using: >> $gameMap.event(EventID, EventPage).start(); I can re-use event using, but it is not working: >> var event = $gameMap.event(EventID, EventPage) >> event.start(); However, I could not re-use it after changing map or returning for it...
  6. florodude

    RMMZ Cannot get my Window_Selectable to work

    Hey, I am trying to create a Window_Selectable on RPG Maker MZ, and cannot for the life of me get it to work. The items show up, and the first item is selected, then I can't move the keys to get them to change selection...Here's the code. This is from this "tutorial": var params =...
  7. ct_bolt

    RMMZ [Javascript] Shifting only select elements of array?

    Another one for ya guys... kind of has me stumped... Shifting only select elements of array while keeping the rest of the array as is though. Example: const a = ["A", 4, "B", "C", "D", 1, 2, 3]; How would I shift only the numbers while keeping the rest of the array as is. So the first shift...
  8. nathanlink169

    RMMZ Back button in new Window_Base

    Hi all, I'm working through the new MZ codebase, and I figured I'd start from the beginning this time rather than trying to cobble together the advanced stuff first (which I probably should have done from the start when working with MV. Oops). I've made a new class which inherits from...
  9. nathanlink169

    RMMZ Creating a Method to use in Skill Damage Formula

    Hello all! I'm looking to make some "easy of access" methods for the Skill Damage Formula. The damage formula I'm planning on using are based a lot of D&D, so there are a lot of "dice rolls" rather than calculating a direct number and just varying it by a certain percentage. Rather than...
  10. dpahoe

    HM Moves Plugin

    Dpahoe_HiddenMoves Enables Hidden Moves (HM) usages outside battle. For RPG Maker MV. [Version 1.3] Introduction This is a plugin, which allows you to interact with events via skills. This is helpful in creating HM moves like in Pokemon games, where you can cut a tree or move a boulder in the...
  11. SkottyTV

    STV Plugins - BeastBook

    STV_BeastBook v1.3 This plugin adds a simple Beast Book to your Game. With standard Settings this will add a Beast (including all informations) to the Book by defeating it. Changelog: v1.3 - New Visual appearance and Visustella compatible v1.2 - New Visual appearance and Headers v1.1 - Added...
  12. Aeonex

    RMMV Displaying Sprites in the Main Menu Scene

    How could I go about adding a image/sprite in the main menu scene? Thanks!
  13. Speedvore

    RMMZ Event Label Not Disappearing (VisuStella Events Move Core)

    I'm using the VisuStella Events and Movements Core plugin to display labels above sprites on the map. I'd like to have the label disappear after a switch is turned on, but for some reason, the Event Label: Visible plugin command isn't working properly to do that. Here's the event I made: The...
  14. Speedvore

    Call a Common Event in the Equip Menu

    I'm looking for a way to call a common event on the Equip menu screen. Basically, I want the character portrait in the Equip screen to change as you equip armor, but I've only found a way to make this image change once you close the menu and open it back up (through a common event that's...
  15. Uzuki

    RMMZ [Visustella Skills & States Core] Help writing a couple of codes.

    Using Visustella Skills & States Core I want to do two things that I'm having a bit of difficulty figuring out. So for one when a state is removed I want to add a formula that will damage the target that removed the state using this notetag: Then for another formula that adds another state...
  16. Speedvore

    RMMZ [SOLVED] Changing Menu Text Size in VisuStella MainMenuCore

    I've been customizing the menu screens using VisuStella Core and Main Menu Core, and I'm looking to further customize them to change the font size of specific elements on the main menu. Right now I've successfully removed some of the text on the main menu screen by changing the code in the Line...
  17. Fifix

    RMMZ Gold/Silver/Copper plugin remake

    Hello. I'm looking for someone who can remake the Multiple Currency plugin by Shiggy to work with RPG Maker MZ. It works similar to the currency system used in the World of Warcraft where 100 copper coins equal 1 silver coin, and 100 silver coins equal 1 gold coin. The plugin is attached to this...
  18. Illya

    Error when trying to create Own Window

    Hi, I want to make a plugin for my game which includes that it will need to create its own window. So I searched online for some tutorials but for some reason, even-though my code is the exact same as theirs, it doesn't work, and I always get the same error message in the console: I hope that...
  19. Aidmen

    RPG maker MV script

    Hello everyone ! I hope this is the right place to post this if not i'm really sorry. I have a question regarding the source code of the embedded functions in RPG maker MV, i'm not sure what to call it but for example if i waned to make an event in the game without using Javascript...
  20. Need help creating a skill that spreads poison from one enemy to all others (RPG MAKER MV)

    Hey RPG makers, thanks for reading this thread! I'm still quite new to RPGMaker and have been experimenting with using Javascript in combination with Yanfly plugins to create various skill effects, to various levels of succes haha. (RPG Maker MV) Right now Im trying to create a skill called gut...

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