1. ZirconStorms

    Transform Enemy + Animated Battlers

    Demo attached. Original script: https://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/500-animated-battlers/ The event command "transform enemy" doesn't seem to work with Jet's Animated Battlers script. I'd like to know if there's a possible fix to this or an script/event alternative. My goal is to freely...
  2. Guardinthena

    Stealth System

    So I was looking to implement a stealth system in most of the games I'm working on. I found Jet's beautiful Stealth System script for Vx Ace (system I'm most familiar with), but noticed it uses region tiles to mark where you can stealth. I'm already using Galv's Region Effects to create...
  3. Benja

    A problem with Jet's APPDATA saving script!

    Hi there! So recently, I've received a complaint from a person who played my game! They are from russia, and are having some trouble with the game, and i have pinpointed the error to jet's appdata saving script, which claims to be compatible with non english characters. This is the...
  4. AshteriskGaming

    How to Use Sprite Battle System with Claimh Bust Battle System?

    So, I've recently come across Jet's (very nice) Viewed Battle System, and I'd like to use it, but I already have Claimh's Bust Battle System Scripts in my game. I'd like the busts to be at the bottom of the screen, the enemies at the top, and my character battle sprites to be kind-of in the...
  5. Matseb2611

    [Ace] Trouble with Jet's AppData Saving script

    Hi. I've been trying to use Jet's AppData Saving script, which is supposed to keep save files in a separate folder, but I keep coming across an error. The moment I launch the game, I get a script error, saying "Line 42: Errno::ENOTDIR occurred." And then it says 'Not a directory'. I am guessing...
  6. [ACE] Conditional Comment Tags for Jet Mouse? (Mouse Hover NPC Display Name/Etc Problem)

    The script line for determining whether a comment for the mouse hover display text of an event is def text_box @text_box ||= ( if (a = check_for_comment(/MOUSE[ ]*TEXT[ ]*(.+)/i)) Window_MousePopUp.new(self, a) else false end ) endHowever, I can't have it...
  7. Abaddyn

    I would like my cursor to produce light

    I am using RPG Maker VX Ace and I search the forums for about an hour to see if someone had already done this or asked for it.   I am not any good at scripting so I do not know if what I am attempting is possible. I am trying to create a mystery horror game using Khas Awesome Light Effects and...
  8. Jet 8-dir movement with Jet mouse system

    I'd like to use the Jet's mouse system with 8-dir movement in VX Ace, but seems like there is no RGSS3 version of Jet's 8-Dir movement. I got 8-dir and mouse combination working with VX RGSS2 versions, but I would really like to make my project with VX Ace.

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