job class

  1. mattvalentine

    Adding an extra command in Yanfly Class System window

    Hi! I am currently using Yanfly class change plugin: ^ So this is the default look of the Class window in the game. I was wondering... Would it be too hard to ADD another command among the [Schema] [Secondary Schema] [Learn Skills] and [Finish]? More specifically, I want to add some sort of...
  2. PrideOfTheForbidion

    Race system? and a job class system

    Hi guys I'm looking for way to make a race system, ie elves, humans, nymphs, dwarfs, I was thinking about making it with class system, but I also want to include a job sysrem, and im pretty sure they would clash, basically the race system I want to use, would give a base stat boost to...
  3. Class Switching Question.

    I really hope I am posting this in the right place. *nervous chuckle* :oops: I am currently using the Yanfly Class change core plugin linked below as well as the Yanfly Job points plugin. The game I...
  4. Jachan

    Jobclass Level plugin? =O

    I have tried to look around for it, even blue-squrriel (sorry, kept forgot how to memorize your name, xP ) posted sticky thread for a master list. But no luck in end. No, I don't really mean to use ACTOR levels, I mean the CLASS itself... Such as Final Fantasy 3 (100%) and Dragon Quest 6 (90%...
  5. BloodletterQ

    Class Discussion: On Balancing Classes

    Welcome everyone to RPG Maker Class Discussion! Tonight, we will discuss an up and coming feature brought to you by none other than Yanfly- the class system! Well, we've got staples such as the DPS, I'd like bring up my planned classes. They should be pretty basic since I want to be able to...

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