job points

  1. Mr_Mime_1983

    RMMV Job points resetting in multi battle troops

    I have run into this strange bug where that if I encounter an enemy troop with multiple enemies my job points reset at the end on each actor instead of accumulating. Everything works normally if I encounter enemy troops with only one enemy the job points keep accumulating after each battle. I...
  2. LunaFamiliar

    RMMV Yanfly Job Points - Set Maximum Per Battle

    Hi everyone! I'm using Yanfly's Job Points plugin, and I want to add a limit to how much JP can be earned from one battle. Otherwise the system is very easily exploitable by keeping enemies alive and using a ton of skills (since the plugin makes you gain JP for each action used, and that is...
  3. adder

    RMMV Skills learning cost scaling

    Hi, I am trying to create skills that require gold and JP to learn them, I am using the Skill Learn System (YEP) and Job Points (YEP), I have no problem setting the base costs, but I would like to make the cost of gold increase with each skill you buy, (Example: 100, 200, 350… etc.) so that all...
  4. Aryn

    Conditionals with Yanfly Job Points

    Dear Makers, I need help, and I'm not 100% sure if this is the proper place, since I'm not sure what the solution is. But the problem I'm having is that I can use Yanfly's plugin command to reduce Job Points because there is no way to check conditionally if the JP < 0. I'm using the JP in a...
  5. The_Black_Knight

    Class specific Job Points

    So, there's a functionality I would like when using and That is, to have each class have individual ammounts of Job Points, so that you need to play that class to unlock it's specific skills...
  6. vs_rene

    Problem: Drawing Yanfly's JP in alternate menu plugin

    Hello everyone! I have a plugin / JS related question that no matter how much I tried I haven't been able to solve... I am using SmRndmDde's alternate menu plugin "BustIcons" which is amazing, and I've customized it to a point that I like removing the message bar at the top or removing the text...
  7. Specific Script type

    I'm not sure where to post this, so excuse me if I'm in the wrong place... I'm looking for a script kinda like Yanfly's learnskill and jp manager, but I want the JP to fill different types based on what you're fighting, for example if you're fighting dragons you'll get dragon experience, fire...
  8. Tatsumaro

    Job Points in the correct place

    this should be easy to anyone whit coding skills. sadly that is not my case. my game mechanics uses Job Points from yanfly and Equipment Learning from Moogle_X, its all working and i'm rely pleased whit the outcome off this :thumbsup-left:. But not all are roses, when a batel end the players...
  9. Permanently Change Equip Types

    This is what I want to do: Use Job Points of a character to learn different equipment types. Problem1 Skill: equipment types aren't a skill. I'm not a fan of constant casting "Heavy Armor" (a state) just to wear "Stupidly Heavy Dragon Armor". Problem2 State: If set up as a state, job...
  10. Stat purchase at level up

    Hi, new guy here.  I just found the script to increase stats with JP. But I was wondering if someone could help me with a script to increase the cost of each stat purchase. For example, increasing Attack the 1st time costs 500 increasing it the 2nd costs 1000 and so on.  I'm using this...
  11. Georg

    Yanfly Skill Learn System (JP Window)

    Hi everyone! I want to know if it's possible to make a window in the "Skill Learn Scene" shiwing the character's JP, rather than seeing them beside the chracter's name. This is mainly for all who want to use the default Game Window size.
  12. *Resolved*How to use Yanfly's job points and more currency plugins to buy items with jp

    I figured it out and it was easy as using a common event and script commands to deduct my jp and simultaneously add my voucher item to my party. I also realized I do have to do it as a party ad not individually. Anyway, I've got it like I wanted, so thanks everyone for the help...
  13. Yanfly Job Points/Subclass Shared JP

    I'm trying to get Yanfly's JP plugin to share JP between MAIN Class, and SUB class. I want skills to be learned through subclass through JP; I want JP to be shared between Main Class and Sub class but I am unable to figure out how to do this. It would be great if someone could help me out; I...
  14. Silenity

    JP Shared Across All Classes

    I'm using Yanfly's Job Points plugin along with his Class Change plugin. I'm requesting a script that will make JP gain for every class the actor has unlocked rather than only the equipped class. So it's just one pool of JP Also, when learning a skill through Skill Learn System from any class...
  15. Senshu

    Yanfly Script Issues

          Hey guys, I'm having some rather large issues with a Script that I'm relying on a lot. It's Yanfly's Class script. Along with the JP manager. <---------JP Manager       Here are the issues. Changing Classes/Subclasses...

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