job system

  1. djroberts1

    Separating Actor Level from Class Level

    Hello all! I'm looking to create a job system similar to that in FF5, where actors level up based on EXP but they each have a 'Job Level' that goes up according to another resource, which I'll be calling JP for Job Points. Is there a way to create this secondary EXP system just for job levels...
  2. TheLastYuriSamurai

    RMMV Monster Village (IGMC Entry)

  3. Arithmetician

    Balancing Lich/Undead States

    I thought it would be cool if it was possible to equip a skill (via Yanfly's plugins + Tricks & Tips) that turns the character undead.  So far I can make the character undead (so healing damages them), and I also have the same state grant immunity to dark damage while causing a weakness to holy...
  4. Arithmetician

    Job System Theory, Design, and Mechanics

    Job systems  - wherein the characters have the ability to assume a number of different class roles throughout the game, and frequently can learn abilities that they can use while in other classes.  Final Fantasy provides some of the quintessential examples, but similar systems appear in many...
  5. billocity

    Question on Unlocking Jobs

    Hello! I'm new to MV but have used previous iterations of RPG maker; however, I'm a bit new to plugins. I'd like to use Yanfly's Class Change and Job Points system in the following way: -Only the main character can change classes -The rest of the cast of characters is very wide, with...
  6. floralContemplation

    A few basic, but unusual ideas.

    Salutations, I'm working on a small game for mainly a few of my friends and I was wondering if the following ideas would benefit the game: Gems: So, since the game will have multiple characters, I wanted to make each one of them fresh and unique, but why should I do it, when the player...
  7. MusicTF

    variables and methods available to entire party?

    My game has a job system, and you unlock new jobs by using skills in your currently unlocked jobs (each skill adds a predetermined amount to a variable for that job).  There need to be variables for how unlocked a job is, but my question is where would I put said variables (I'm actually using a...
  8. Anyone got any deep Job System RPG Maker games to recommend?

    Okay. First off, I apologise if I am posting in the wrong place (off topic and that) but there doesn't seem to be a better place to ask this question. I prefer Job system games. The only in depth one I have found has... disturbing adult themes, so much so that I can't stand to play it. That it...
  9. Trihan

    Script idea: should I do it?

    So on the basis of a conversation I had with someone on IRC, I am building an idea in my head of a class bonus script. Basically it would have various traits for classes that are unlocked at certain levels, and once unlocked can then be equipped/unequipped. Think FF5's job system, if you've...
  10. BlissAuthority

    The Prince and the Dragon: A Coming of Age Story

    The Prince and the Dragon a coming of age story   Once upon a time in the Kingdom of Iberia... Link to a screenshot gallery is here. Old images from earlier versions of the game will be spoilered.  I will get the new screenshots up ASAP. The Weary Eye Inn, in the Zehiran town of Mez Al'Emira...
  11. Zurea

    Weighing Decisions Different System vs Job System.

    Alright, this is what I really want feedback on. I'm using Galv's Magic Shards script as the basis of the 'skills' in my game, sure each class has its own unique skills and abilities, but the shard system offers new twist to FF7's Materia system...
  12. illuminate001

    Yanfly Zealous Engine: 540 NoMethodError

    Hey everyone, My game is coming along nicely now, but last night I got this error that at times will cause the game to crash upon entry. The window states: "Script 'YEZ Job System: Classes' line 540: NoMethodError occurred. Undefined method 'include?' for nil:nilClass" Heres the sequence of...
  13. vindaca

    V's Promotion System 2: Job Tree System v0.3

    V's Promotion System 2:  Job Tree System v0.3 Written Introduction This system is loosely based on FFT job system. Once your class reaches a set level you can buy a new class with JP or Job Points. JP can be given or won in combat. Screenshots Demo Here is a link to the demo. Updates...

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