1. Halcy0n

    Job System Eventing

    So, I'm trying to create a job mechanic in my game; you have a set shift at a store. Depending on what time the player shows up to work, they're rewarded with more gold/bonuses for each hour they're there. When they clock in for work, it fades out and skips time to the end of their shift. For...
  2. TheDrifter

    YEP_SkillLearnSystem - Bypass class select OR Display JP left in skill price

    Hi, I'm using YEP_SkillLearnSystem and YEP_JobPoints Here is the main issue: The amount of JP you have left for a class is not displayed in the price window for learning a skill of that class. For example, let's say your character's current main class is Thief, with 500 JP left, and you want...
  3. PrideOfTheForbidion

    jobs vs class's what do you think

    while this dose sort of contain to my own game, im not really locking it onto it as the fluff in my game calls for job development, though i am looking for thoughts on the matter as I may down play the jobs a little more So right now I'm working on a multi character game with a good few...
  4. tale

    Job Change with Alternate Layout (Class Change)

    dsJobChange - ver1.11.5 Creator name: Douraku Overview Job change system Features - Use Note tags to set for Actors (levels) or Classes (graphics) - Possible to add job requirement based on conditions/ stat values - There's a plugin command to open the job change menu - Alternate layout with...
  5. Trouble with Getting Subclassing/Passives to Work Properly

    Hey there. I've been working on a game that uses a job and subjob system using the class change core and the subclass core. I've almost finished implementing it, but there's still a hangup that's been causing some issues: I can only get passives to apply to a primary job. Right now, passives are...
  6. dwiseman57

    Looking to hire a JS dev for our MV game

    Hey folks. I am looking to hire a JS developer familiar with RPG Maker MV to help us create some custom windows and plugins etc. Is anyone interested? Thanks
  7. styx92

    Yanfly Job Points reset

    Hey guys.   Im using yanflys job points plugin and want an option to reset the points.  There are only a plugin command to get the current points into a variable but i want to get all points,  the spended points,  too.  Maybe someone has experience with this feature :)   Thanks :)  
  8. Mr. Trivel


    Author: Mr. Trivel Name: Crafting Created: 2016-03-27 Version: 1.0   What does it do? Allows players to craft items.   Video:   How to use? First, you'll need 2 new files in data folder: Recipes.json Disciplines.json Recipes file will...
  9. MeowFace

    Class Change via Weapon Type Equip

    Made for a request here. This script changes the actor's class according to the weapon type he/she is using. So equipping weapon will change the class id to be the same as the weapon type's id. Features: Change Class ID based on Weapon Type ID How to Use: [1] Paste this below Material and...
  10. charleon

    Exp tree switch

    Goodday all, I have been breaking my head over something. I've been trying to get 2 classes have different exp counters, as in one character has multiple classes/jobs. Yet I seem to get a strange loop-esque effect where variables shift.  Where Variable 2 = X / Variable 3 = Y then by force of...
  11. Simon D. Aelsi


    Ms Littlefish and I were talking several times, as well as others in a chat group about crazy stories from jobs we work or have worked. Some of them are quite hilarious. Some of them seemed so insane you'd have to BE there to believe it.   I've got so many stories from my last two jobs it would...
  12. Senshu

    Yanfly Script Issues

          Hey guys, I'm having some rather large issues with a Script that I'm relying on a lot. It's Yanfly's Class script. Along with the JP manager. http://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/gameplay-scripts/jp-manager/ <---------JP Manager       Here are the issues. Changing Classes/Subclasses...
  13. YesImAaron

    [VX] YIA FF1 Character Selection

    YIA'S FF1 Character Selection 1.0 by YesImAaron INTRODUCTION Hello everyone! This is my first public script. I first came up with idea to make this script after seeing many people request it at my old forum. A lot of people would just say, oh just event it (which I did do at one...

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