1. Monnettie

    Looking for someone to make joke songs

    Hey guys Boty Xof here and we need someone to make 2 joke songs for our game! you dont need experience or to put effort into it. Just dont make it so bad that people want to mute the game. One song will be for the overworld (which takes place in a run down city.) The other is for a boss fight...
  2. thunderswagthe3rd

    RMVXA Goldbears great adventure

    wat up bro's its yahboi thunder/cool and i finally done with my first game ever. ( well i had a test version on steam but it yeah, it is buggy tbh) SECTION A: SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD LINK SECTION C: STORYLINE/PLOT if you liked the game share it with your friends...
  3. Bencraft


    WeedVentures   Welcome to WeedVentures. It is a game made by Bencraft Productions. WeedVentures is based on the so called "MLG" vidoes around the internet, which goes a lot on loud noises, weed, darude - sandstorm, shrek and a lot lot more! Even though the main goal of the game is to...
  4. 255

    On RMMV - Just had to say it

    You know that old one: «Internet Explorer is a tool for downloading Firefox.» Well, along those lines, I would say: «RPG Maker MV is a tool that makes you want to start making games again and reinstall RPG Maker 2003.» (no offence to anyone, just have a laugh ;P) _
  5. _Shadow_

    [BAD JOKES] So fail that was a win!

    Was there a joke you said that you can count it as the worst joke ever? Avoid racist, fanatic, religious and whatever is inappropriate or against the forum rules. Just tell us one of your worst jokes, that was SO fail that became a WIN. For instance, I have one: What is the most shiny...

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