1. EvilEagles


      Tomb Raider - Jonnie91   Status: In Transit Cleared: 0/100 Rank: Mark of Bravery    Please specify which theme you are doing when submitting entries. You may request for an update of your status bar any time. Feel free to put it in your signature for bragging rights. If I forget to...
  2. Jonnie91

    JStewartMusic: Free Resource Collection

    Free Music Resources   Welcome to my free Music Resource Collection. All music here is available for you to use in your game projects. All of these resources are free to use in commercial and non commercial games provided the following credits are added: Track Title by Jonathan Hillman...
  3. Archeia

    ReStaff April 2013 Release

    Welcome everyone to the April 2013 ReStaff Release! This month is pretty good as well with all the music! Thanks to our lovely Guest Contributors and ReStaffers, for making this month a success! Information about Commercial usage can be found here. If you want to be a Guest Contributor, go...
  4. Jonnie91

    Spirit Timer

     In a world of silence where time rules all many souls begin to fall.... -The Saviour Genre:  Survival Puzzler Game Progression: We are 85% complete with the game. Due to feedback from a previous review by Amerk, the original demo has been removed. since the original game demo, almost...

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