1. noinchan

    Custom menu for a story driven game and Journal system

    Hi! My first post here, so just tell me if I am doing anything wrong! I am looking for any way to remove all stats from the menu screen and nothing but basic Item, Quest, save, options and end game on the menu. If possible a bust of the currently used character on the side. I would also like...
  2. LostWIsdom

    Yanfly Quest journal system help

    I'l preface with I have very little code knowledge so if the fix is simple I apologise for taking up peoples time. Installed the yanfly quest journal plugin. I was following he tutorial just now to try it out. When I was testing it out in game merely scrolling onto the quest would give me this...
  3. TayAyase

    how to activate quest Journal with a click of a button?

    I have Luna engine atm but I want quest journal inside my game. I don't want it added to the regular menu I want it to be looked at in its own menu like Fallout's pipboy.
  4. karinthefox

    The Journal I made doesn't work. Please, help!!

    Hello, everyone! I'd really appreciate if someone could lend me a hand with this issue. I've been following this tutorial to make a Journal for my game (my game isn't point and click but I think the tutorial can still be used). I tried contacting the person who made the tutorial but they...
  5. Alonzo

    Yanfly Map Quest Windows HELP! !

    Hi everybody, i need some help with this wonderful plugin, my problem is: i need more active quests showing in the map. how i can put multiples active quests? Please somebody help me! Thanks :hswt:
  6. ZirconStorms

    [RGSS3] RETCON Library - Detecting current entry

    Script is called RETCON LIBRARY: JOURNAL by McDohl. Link: https://rpgmaker.net/scripts/272/ I'm trying to detect the current entry that the Journal window is showing, in order to adjust info shown in a custom window. I feel like it has to do with this line (approx. line 338): entry =...
  7. ave36

    Journal with EnemyBook, Itembook etc integration?

    Here's what I am making now: I want to add a journal/quest log system. However, I cannot find a journal plugin with a specific function: integrating plugins like Enemy Book, Item Book, Battle Log, Triple Triad Card Album, etc. Basically, I need the option to execute a plugin command from a...
  8. FeiLin

    [Ace] McDohl's Journal Script

    I have been wondering about this; after I finally found a Journal script. Is it possible to add a switch on it? I want the journal to show on the menu screen when its switch turns on at some point on the game or when the player received/acquired the needed "item" to activate the journal.
  9. CreativeVulpine

    Having trouble with YanFly's Quest Journal Plugin

    For some reason these tags appear in the game test, I am unable to figure out how to remove them. Please help. Thank you! Edit: Ok so here is the plugin site YanFlyQuestJournal This is the text from the Quest itself: {"Title":"Scattered Memories","Type":"Main...
  10. NinjaKittyProductions

    Journal at continue...

    Hey gamers, I am back with yet another question/request. For one of my current projects, I expect it to be a bit long and from my experience, I have seen people leave games and come back to them at a later date and not remember what they were doing or where they were supposed to go. Though my...
  11. JtheDuelist

    Actor/Character Book plugin?

    I was looking for a actor/character book plugin (like a bestiary or item book plugin, but for actors rather than enemies or items), but all my searches keep pulling up are either quest journal plugins that can't work with what I need, people requesting similar plugins but the post dies because...
  12. UglyStru

    [YEP.152] Yanfly's Quest Journal Plugin Not Showing "Quest" Option in Menu?

    I have the YEP_CoreEngine, YEP_MessageCore, and YEP_QuestJournal plugins installed. Inside the Quest Journal plugin has the Show Command, Enable Command, and Auto Place Command all set to "true". However, the option for "Quest" still doesn't show up in my main menu. Is there an event I need to...
  13. Tai_MT

    The Quest Journal. Necessary?

    So, while playing a lot of RPGs lately, I got to thinking about something. Most every game these days has a Quest Journal, or just a Journal in general in order to keep the player moving forward towards the end of the game while also keeping track of every major, minor, and side quest you pick...
  14. Gravemaster

    Modify McDohl's Journal Script?

    I wasn't sure if this goes to the general scripts or the script requests. https://rpgmaker.net/scripts/272/ First just to be clear, I'm not claiming ownership in any way and I will give credit to both the modifier and the original author properly. The guy doesn't mention anywhere in terms of...
  15. Aien2323

    Moghunter Scene_Menu with GameusQuestSystem

    So I'm having difficulty getting these two scripts to run together. I also have YEP_MainMenuManager. The problem comes from the Quest%20Journal.png file not being in the img/menus/main/commands directory as seen in the attached picture. But I added one as seen in the second attachment. In...
  16. megumi014

    How to make a Journal

    How to make a Journal. (Point&Click style games) ... Edit: Added customised entries and fixed the presentation. ... ... Hi everyone. I've seen around tutorials about how to make a book (I got the idea watching a tutorial of Echo607 on youtube) but none about how to make a journal, so here is...
  17. Skyforger

    XaiL System - Journal Error

    Hello, I have a problem with XaiL System - Journal, which only occurs after loading the game. Starting a new game, no problem the journal menu works fine. But after loading the game, the menu opens but if I try to change pages, one of these errors show up: Script lines between 413 and...
  18. Lunawyn

    RPGMV Notebook Plugin

    Hey guys, I've been searching for a plugin that allows me the use of some sort of notebook but couldn't really find what I was looking for yet. What I want is a notebook where the main character writes down information about a total of 7 characters. I tried doing it myself with a common...
  19. chungsie

    Help requested with script

    In my text game version, I had a journal, which took notes from scenes, such as battles and information about what skills did. So I looked at some tutorials and got help from @Rikifive it requires an extra end I can't figure out why.   class Journal def initialize @journal =...
  20. RaKaiya

    Character Journal and Trade Information

    Hi,  In the game I am currently making for my business using RPG Maker MV, the main character is essentially and information broker and thief. He will sneak into places and listen in on conversations etc. however, I am having a lot of trouble making this an easy thing to do without making an...

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