journey battle system

  1. SaburoX

    Ace Tankentai Support Questions.

    I'm trying to make use of Enu's Tankentai Sideview Battle System , and I've got several questions since there are features that work differently than what I'm familiar with. 1. What ATB should I be using? When I first switched over I saw people suggesting Fomar's, and then in the tankentai...
  2. Tatsude K. Hitori

    Having trouble with Journey Battle System script.

    Basically, all animations in battle are jittery and sometimes existing in two places at once. Here's an example video I made a little bit ago.
  3. Uzuki

    Yanfly's Ace Battle Engine & Tankentai's Journey Battle System

    Hey everyone. I was wonder if I could get a little help on this. I'm using Yanfly's Ace Battle Engine & Tankentai's Journey Battle System. The two scripts obviously conflict with each other and I want to use both in a project so I can use Yanfly's Lunatic packages. Every time a battle starts...

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