1. ProSuperSchool


    "Adzhour: If you would have something else, but you couldn't, and yet you still have something. What choice would you have, what choice would you make, or what choice could you provide. See, God has no choice but to provide for us. But we can choose to rebel, or to revel. Zack: I don't know...
  2. Skytor

    Poll for places in journey

    Check the poll
  3. Nirwanda

    [Demo] The messenger and the cursed one

    My first project thread ever *shivers* Opening: This game was originally planned for  the birthday bash event, but due to time constraints I asked for it to be moved to the project development sub forum. For the event I chose to bring back from the dead one of my earliest concepts; in...
  4. Zacyia

    Tankentai/Journey Questions [Part 11: Making a Blink Strike Skill]]

    Ok so I am attempting to make a "Blink Strike" skill (as the title mentions above). My issue is that I can't seem to get the "blink" part to work. I tried increasing the speed for certain action keys and reduceing the number of times movement key animations would loop. but it still looks like...
  5. Zacyia

    Tankentai/Journey Questions [Part 10.6: States not working?]

    I have read the script, and I know journey affects states. I really need help with this!!! Here is the code snippet that deals with states, as you can see it is pretty simple. That might actually be apart of the problem... When I use this, its an all or nothing kind of thing. Either the state...
  6. Zacyia

    Tankentai/Journey Issue [States]

    Ok, I have been having this issue for a while now, and this to me is "game breaking." It seems that journey only allows for states to be applied or removed. It does not give the option to chose a 10% or 30% chance of a state being applied. Is there ANY way to get around this? Other wise I will...
  7. Zacyia

    Tankentai/Journey Questions [Part 10.5: States not working?]

    I have several skills that apply states, and none of the states are being applied. After looking over the script I notice two sections that have me worried: From the looks of things, it seems like this is a "if the skill hits apply state 100%". I dont want that... I would like to have it set...
  8. Zacyia

    Tankentai/Journey question(s) [Part 9: All animation play too fast]

    As it says in the title, all of my animations seem to play out at high speed. I know there is an FPS action key, but im wondering if there is a way to adjust the frame rate for all animations at once or do I have to add the LOW_FRAME action key to my skills?
  9. Zacyia

    Tankentai/Journey question(s) [Part 8: Animation Fade Issue]

    I noticed that the animation will stop playing and fade if the enemy dies. I would like if the Animation could finish at least before that happens. Is there a way to do this?
  10. Zacyia

    Tankentai/Journey Question(s) [Part 7]

    So I made an assignation skill for a rogue character and everything works fine; except for the fact that the attacking phase is too slow Here is the code I have made for the skill Basic Pose: Movement Keys Basic Movement: Movement Keys Animations: Animation Keys Animations: System Keys...
  11. Zacyia

    Tankentai/Journey Question(s) [Part 6?]

    As I was messing around making my own Action Keys, I found my self wondering: Is there any way to make a Movement action key that Jumps towards the "Selected Enemy". in this Picture I show 2 enemies; my skill causes the Actor to jump towards the "red Enemy" and play an animation on them...
  12. Zacyia

    Journey Error

    Don't know what I did wrong... ;_;
  13. Zacyia

    Tankentai/Journey question about Action keys: Basic movement

    Ok, REAL question this time!  Target ► The actor OR enemy that performs the action. #        ► [0 = self] [1 = Target] [2 = all enemy's] [3 = all ally's] [4 = everyone] [5 = second target] [6 = screen] # I am a little confused about the explanation for target. It says: but then has this...
  14. Zacyia

    Tankentai/Journey question

    Ok! So I have learned one thing so far! No one reads the entire post when replies are made! That being said, here is my question: I want to know if there is a list that describes what each "action key" is and what it is used for. I have read the script, DO NOT TELL ME TO READ THE DARN SCRIPT...
  15. Zacyia

    Tankentai/Journey question(s) [Part 2: Making New Weapons]

    So a while back I attempted to make some new weapons, and found that any weapons made outside the original range caused the Actor to do the following when equipted: 1. Step towards the enemy 2. Flash 3. Step back and return to idle He did not attack at all. This is with the normal attack...
  16. Zacyia

    Tankentai/Journey question(s)

    1st: I tried to make a new enemy in slot 31 on the enemy tab, and now the enemy wont display a weapon nor an animation. 2nd: when switching over to Journey from Tankentai, would I just have to make my skills the same way I did with tankentai or is there a new method (I used method from Passive...

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