1. CriticalGames

    RMMV 8-Bit Adventures 2 is Out Now on Steam & GOG! Turn-Based Action and Heartfelt Adventure

    Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I last posted about my game on the RM forums, but after seven years of hard work, I'm thrilled to say that 8-Bit Adventures 2 has JUST LAUNCHED for PC on Steam and GOG with a 10% launch discount! There's also a free demo too! Normally the game costs...
  2. TakumaGao

    RMMZ Eternal Tale: Seal of the Four Heroes (Demo)

    One thousand years ago, the evil Queen Zola attained immortality and conquered the world. Four brave heroes rose to the task of defeating her, but were unable to deal a decisive blow to the immortal queen. With the last of their strength, the heroes sealed Queen Zola away with magic, ending her...
  3. MRD256

    RMMV Innocent Love v0.2.0

    https://mrd256.itch.io/innocent-love A game that is reminiscent of old classic JRPGs with an emphasis in growing bonds with your friends. Experience this reimagining of an old worn-out, cliche genre. --STORY-- Thousands of years ago, the Demon Lord Aster ruled the world through sheer...
  4. ZenStarwalker

    RMMZ of Destiny (Series) Seeking Help!

    For 15 Years I have been working on stories, music, characters, plot, etc.. for a JRPG & Anime/Manga series called: of Destiny I've tried UE4 and other engines only to get stuck learning coding and being useless with 3d modelling. I thought all hope was lost til' I discovered RPG Maker MZ. I've...
  5. AerosoftPlanning

    RMMZ Venture Quest | Vocational Education meets JRPG Adventure?!

    VENTURE QUEST Produced in collaboration with Venture Community Services via their Advancement Center vocational program, Venture Quest is an vocational exploration/job simulator juxtaposed upon a JRPG Adventure. Interview for and work for several different workplaces while going out fighting...
  6. Free 16 bit era music pack

  7. recoculous

    RMMV Lady of the Lake Demo (Complete)

    I am developing the Lady of the Lake RPG, which is inspired by the King Arthur stories. Vivian is sent on a simple quest by Merlin, and she finds herself entangled in multiple possible adventures. You can defend Camelot from different threats, find the Holy Grail, and defeat the Dark Lord! The...
  8. McPaul

    RMMV Crowning Legacy - WiP jRPG

    font is also work in progress Hello. Premise: Epic story driven jrpg. Epic in the classical sense of the plot stretching through a long period of time, as in, a generation of a tribe and its members. Does not mean it will be a 999 hour long grind treck. Gameplay’s also inspired by the...
  9. seangcrombie

    RMVXA Concordia Eternal

    Setting Many centuries ago, the world was ruled by a powerful demon named Malum. It was a dark time where demons ruled, and humans were their slaves. The four goddesses of Fire, Ice, Light and Darkness all traveled to the four corners of the world and sacrificed themselves to cast the almighty...
  10. Runic_Cipher

    RM2k/3 Runic Cipher

    Runic Cipher is a long-time JRPG project that's been worked on for several years, on and off. Our goal with this is to bring back that nostalgic feel of the earlier Final Fantasy and Breath of Fire games, as well as having an in-depth and original story line filled with plot twists and with a...
  11. jkweath

    RMMZ Absinthia

    Absinthia is a turn-based RPG featuring the story of scorned Knight Freya, her young apprentice Sera, and their individual struggles with loss, betrayal and acceptance as they fight to protect their home. Story When a mysterious enemy threatens the peaceful town of Katti, a traveling knight...
  12. GlaireDaggers

    RMMV Foxblade Fable

    OVERVIEW Foxblade Fable is a fantasy adventure inspired by late 90s anime and JRPGS, and is in particular inspired by 2D PS1 & Saturn games. The game follows the adventure of Leigh Ravengale and his friends as they travel to a variety of locations to destroy the Binding Stones that summon and...
  13. Ina00

    RMVXA Hackventure RPG

    ◈ WHAT IS HACKVENTURE? ◈ Hackventure is a surreal adventure jrpg game mainly inspired by the Mother/Earthbound series. Its development started in 2019 and I'm currently the only one working on it. The game uses a traditional combat system, simple graphic in pure mother style, and a very rich and...
  14. RMMV Feedback needed for new game concept titled "Elixir"

    Hellllooo everyone, I've recently made my return to RPG Maker solely because of this game concept. I'd love to receive feedback from the community if this would be an interesting game to play. If I receive enough positive feedback I will continue on with the idea, otherwise it will be sent to...
  15. TheFlerffyBurr

    RMMV Rune Sea

    Rune Sea SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS STORYLINE/PLOT SETTING AND/OR WORLD DEVELOPMENT Team: (Looking for more of course) Author: The Flerffy Burr Designer: TheFlerffyBurr Artist: TheFlerffyBurr Additional Information: Engine: RPG Maker MV Progress: 05.0% (Work on Chapter 1 has...
  16. Gong77

    RMMZ Lagoda Odyssey | Updated demo on Steam

    Legend of Lagoda is an RPG, with a 16-bit graphics style (Time-fantasy tileset). The gameplay takes inspiration from a classic JRPG style, made famous by games such as Dragon Quest IV, Lunar: Silver Star Story, and Chrono Trigger. The game will feature: * 16-bit graphic style * A vast world...
  17. Skychord

    RMMV Fallen Hero's Journey

    SYNOPSIS: A long time ago, the Great Hero and his party fought against evil and saved the world from darkness. In the final battle, the Hero had to sacrifice himself for the world, and since then his legend is known throughout the land. In present day, a certain Knight from the Kingdom of...
  18. ShenTzu

    [MV] Fuchian Chronicles - Sci-Fi JRPG about Imperial Space Foxes

    Chapter 1 now available on Steam! “First contact never ends well for the less advanced civilization.” In the hundred years since the Galactic Fuchian Empire began its interstellar expansion, it has always been the more advanced civilization. Now, for the first time, the Empire has encountered...
  19. Franz_Pantalon

    RMMV Journey to the Other Side

    (DISCLAIMER: game plot contains elements of religion and politics in a fantasy world) JOURNEY TO THE OTHER SIDE (preliminary title) A first project I intend to develop. I'll probably mostly use RTP because it is my first one (maybe I'll do a reskin someday, who knows. Things like better...
  20. Vis_Mage

    RMMV Mana Star

    Itchio Page: https://vis-mage.itch.io/mana-star For the past several years, I've been working on an RPG project that's been heavily inspired by the Golden Sun series. It isn't a fan game, containing a completely new cast/world/assets/etc, but has been very mechanically inspired by the series...

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