1. Marie

    Marie                Follow Janus as he searches for his beloved Marie. Traditional JRPG made in RPG Maker XV Ace and converted to MV. With a play time of 4-6 hours you will lead Janus through the depths of a lost mining colony to the heights of a castle gone mad. Battles are turn based...
  2. OreoCookieSP


      www.einlanzergame.com   Einlanzer is an RPG in the classic 90's JRPG style. It has a unique, engrossing storyline, well-balanced play style, and difficult moral decisions that permenantly affect the storyline. www.einlanzergame.com      Features:  - 40+ hours...
  3. Detectivegame

    Project Talos Recruitment

    Introduction: Hi, my name is Franco.  I have worked on a couple of indie games as an illustrator and concept artist.  My most recent work involved working under a programmer in making a simple endless runner game called Super Beans.  After being immersed in game development, I wanted to get my...
  4. immatx

    Words of Treachery (Demo Available)

    Released so Far Intro Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Download RTP Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ey7okt0cyy0cwtd/Words%20of%20Treachery.exe?dl=0 MediaFire: https://www.mediafire.com/?0o94t7zxxxa9mjt Non RTP Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1nmaa90b0zpacu4/Words%20of%20Treachery.exe?dl=0...
  5. Ascension

    Asolstice(Early Alpha Stage)

    An apocalyptic RPG, where tomorrow can only lead to sorrow. Story: In the year 20XX, a solar eclipse appeared over Zepherus. Five pillars emerged, creating an impenetrable barrier. With the pillars came the outbreaks of Descents, monsters unlike any other. Even with the Lattice weapons, the...
  6. KenzoMe92

    Real Fantasy

    presents 1. Introduction A Fantasy J-RPG game in wich you represent the good party that must defeat the evils, I'm developing this game only in english. 2. History All began in a very far away kingdom, the Devil has invaded that kingdom with his forces, so You, controlling a leggendary magic...
  7. Schematist

    How to Create JRPG Battle Theme

    How to Create JRPG Battle Theme using FL Studio for Beginners.
  8. Onii Chan

    # of Pages required?

    Like about how many pages of text does it take to write an RPG? I have alot of ideas for this specific project I have been thinking on for years, but it gets very confusing when writing the game because i wanna put everything that im thinking about but i cant seem to be figuring out the order...
  9. djbeardo

    At Last Alone: Rescue at Moranthia

    Platform: RPG Maker VXAce Genre and Flavors: JRPG, Fantasy, Dark Download Here: With RTP: https://rpgmaker.net/games/7096/downloads/6440/ Game Synopsis Distant members of the royal family are calmly living their lives, scattered throughout the Kingdom of Laurentide. Some are scientists...
  10. iMaple

    Dude vs. JRPG Beta

    Yo, RPG Webs. I've been on a bit of a hiatus, but I suddenly got an urge of productivity in the last month. So I tinkered around a bit in the editor, crafting "grand tales" (delusions of grandeur, to put it mildly) but ultimately got nowhere. ... or so it was. Something doable. I sat down...
  11. TwilightTeddiez

    Remnants of Twilight: Age of Arius

    Remnants of Twilight: Age of Arius The first installment of a five game series. Hello everyone! My name is Jason Williams(Tsukuyama) and most of you may not know me as I do not do a lot within the RPG maker Community besides post on random people's stuff o.0. However a few months back I put a...
  12. Realm of Perpetual Guilds

    The journey begins with four silent protagonists. They go into dungeons, fight  enemies, defeat bosses, and level up. But, is that all there is to their lives? Meanwhile, in the real world, a group of bored game designers are looking to bridge the gap between the virtual and real worlds. Will...
  13. EvilEagles

    Trails in the Sky

    I've been a big fan of Nihon Falcom, the Ys series as well as the Kiseki series, even though I don't speak Japanese myself. It just came out on Steam yesterday and already seems to be doing well now. I see a lot of my friends have picked it up since its release, and you have no idea how happy I...
  14. Lunarea

    Tyler Warren RPG Battlers 3rd 50 | Magnificent Quest Music Pack | The Emporium of Copper and Steel M

    Tyler Warren is back with another set of whimsical battlers. Inspired by classic games such as Dragon Quest, these battlers are a great addition to any fantasy game. This time, we're battling dragons! And slimes! And other things that are as weak or as powerful as you can make them. Click here...
  15. sleepingnamja

    The Unlucky Pimp (Comedy RPG) [20 minute demo!]

      Tired of playing the horror games made by the community? Tired of mundane mapping? Tired of a game that feels empty? Do you wish for a game that seems to be less generic and full of surprises? Do you reminisce the older days when game developers made tons of JRPG's like Final Fantasy...
  16. Merlandese

    Last Word

    If the pen is mightier than the sword, the mouth is mightier yet! One-Sentence Story: In a society where having the last word means having power over others, a small party is disrupted by a gentleman who politely issues orders via one-way intercom. Genre: JRPG Description: You play as Whitty...
  17. Pia Carrot

    Last Legend

    Welcome to the land of Generica in the Last Legend! A normal, JRPG game with a cliché JRPG story...A game with one goal in mind: To parody JRPGs, yet still make a fun game out of it!   Join Alec, a knight from Crossvale, a generic kingdom with a generic festival, held for the celebration of...
  18. Lunarea

    Fantasy Hero Character Pack

    We have an exciting new product for you today! Fantasy Hero Character pack is a high quality and unique pack that is filled with amazing characters -- and matching resources! Character sprites, facesets, portraits and battlers are included in this set of 16 heroes, two for each class. Inspired...
  19. Arin

    The Promised Land

      Hello, and welcome. I'm your friendly neighborhood Arin, and I'm glad you decided to check out my thread. This thread will be housing the next project in Devil's Advocate Gaming, "The Promised Land". This is a revamp of my first ever project in RPG Maker VX Ace, with the same title. Story...
  20. sawworm

    RMVXA Shattered Hourglass - Over 30 hours of gameplay

    Hello there! Shattered Hourglass is a huge time travel RPG I'm working on since 2012, well at least time to time. It's inspired by many popular titles I grew up with such as Breath of Fire, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Suikoden and of course Chrono Trigger! SCREENSHOTS: CREDITS...

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