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  1. mavins16

    Is there a JS plug to blur the screen when the main menu (or any map scene menu) is called?

    I want to blur the screen when I call the main menu command or any map scene command on the map during an abs battle. Anyone have a JS plug or just any coding experience to help me with that :oc ABS system used: Tactics system...
  2. Show MP/TP gauges in game (out of battle)

    Hey guys. I'm making a maze game, more like a Megami Tensei game. But i need to show on screen the MP and TP gauges (Mag and Skill Gauge). I've looked through some js plugins and searched the web, but nothing. Does anyone have a solution about this? EDIT: I need to show on the bottom right...
  3. Hayolee

    Creating A Screen Overlay With Bitmaps in JS

    Hi! I'm a little unfamiliar with the RPG Maker MV API, but I have worked in Javascript before briefly (not a master) just to give you some insight. I'm currently trying to create a few plugins that need a screen overlay/bitmappy stuff. I'll list them both before I go into more detail: 1.) I...
  4. DrDhoom

    Parallax Utils

    Parallax Utils v1.2 DrDhoom Introduction Create multipurpose parallaxes to beautify your maps. Features - Unlimited parallaxes. - Can be used as fog or weather. - Each parallax can be disabled via switch. - Easier setup with presets. - Animated parallax with adjustable frame duration and max...
  5. DrDhoom

    Message Sound Effects

    Message Sound Effects v1.0 DrDhoom Introduction Enable sound effects for Message window with added delay between characters. Features - You'll be able to play SE for each characters, words, sentences and pages. - Delay can be set for each characters, words and sentences. - SE pitch can be...
  6. Mooshry

    Enemy Walk-n'-Stop?

    So, i'm trying to emulate the enemy walking in Dragon Quest games where they walk a bit, then stop, then walk again, then the cycle continues. I want there to be a slight interval between cycles so, for example, a Prancing Pillar walks 3 tiles ahead, then the next cycle starts and he walks 4...
  7. Dungeonmind

    Requesting a simple plugin - Vehicle Battles

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me out with a small plugin to allow/disallow battles in vehicles. Something like setting a switch that would allow/disallow battles when riding a vehicle would be useful. This plugin I'm sure would be useful to everyone. There is...
  8. Uranium

    Jeremy Cannady - Monster Breeding HELP!

    Hey everyone, I am seeking assistance on how to set up Jeremy Cannady's monster breeding plugin. I am not sure how to do it by following his steps. Here is the link to the plugin: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/monster-breeding-system.51624/
  9. How do you have multiple windows open at once and overlap them?

    I have a HUD in my game that I am working on and I am an amateur at javascript (I really don't know what I'm doing). I have made a decent and functional HUD. The way that I made my HUD is such that there is a window on which I draw the contents of my HUD and then I hide the window skin...
  10. Juztsacki

    Switch Actor during battle processing as a command

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if theres a way to make a Js plugin that can switch your Actor 1 with any other Actor during battle processing through the command window. So far attack, magic. Guard and item are on command. Wondering if there can be a switch party member command on there  I...
  11. Changing the speed of the Show Text command

    About half a year ago, I read about a RGSS3 script call for VX Ace that made it possible to change the speed at which text was drawn in the Show Text command window, so that the text wouldn't just pop up one directly after the other. Since I was using a Text SE script (playing a sound whenever a...
  12. Save/Load Game at a Specific Location (Dark Souls Bonfire-Esque)

    Description: 1) The player is able to save his game anywhere, but upon loading the game, he is returned to the last place/map he marked as a return point (similar to Dark Souls' bonfire system) 2) The player is able to use an item to mark his current location (mapID,mapX,mapY) as the location...
  13. realz012

    [Request] Actor Picture Show up before character attacking in battle - SBS

    Hi. can someone make it happen? when character have turn and ready for action in battle mode, character picture with notetag maybe <battler name> show up from left and disappear after character choose action. every character party have picture before attack (in picture 2 should showing motomu...
  14. realz012

    [Request] port Yami Battle Symphony+addon Holder for MV

    hi? sorry if someone request this before or this wrong forum to ask port script. i would like to convert my vx ace game to MV but need these plugin. original SBS MV is good for prologue my game, but for main game i need holder battler sheet with no limit for height or width size column row...

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