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  1. Ravos9988

    Is it possible to assign a class level as a switch/variable?

    Relevant plugin: YEP_ClassChangeCore I have FINALLY figured out the plugin commands. lol. Ive got my first class change event scripted and working, and even switches so the player cannot go back to previous class, or a class not currently in their path (physical/magical). Now my challenge is...
  2. Need help With Yanfly Skill Core

    am currently making a partner special similar to the ones used in Neptunia Rebirth, I want to restrict the skill with custom requirement by checking if not only that the two required party members are alive but also if they are in Battle/Active members. I tried finding a solution on my own but...
  3. [semi-solved]how to add element to a.gainHP(value)?

    I'm trying create "Burn" state which says: How can i get it, how add element Id to target value damage or damage formula? Or simply how to make "target.gainHp(-value);" fire damage? I have for now: <Custom Regenerate Effect> //this.item().damage.elementId = 2; //if...

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