1. Ahstval

    RMMZ Multiple Timers with Gauges, need help

    Hello folks! Thank you for reading this. I am trying to implement on field spells (invisibility, levitation etc) These field spells are called for via common events, and I have VisuStella's button common events plugin, when the player presses a particular button, it triggers a common event, and...
  2. BoneCollectors

    Debug error in Visual Studio 2017

    Hi! I am following the tutorial from @gamedev-js from the bottom of the thread here https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/how-to-deploy-rpg-maker-mv-app-to-universal-windows-platform-uwp.86203/ I am using the WinJS template to create a UWP for Xbox in VS 2017. I added the lines to...
  3. gabe_bilo

    RMMV SRD Timed Mash - Help on implementing sound

    Hi everybody, Here asking for a little help in regards of SRD Timed Attack: Mash. The plugin works perfectly and although it gives you a lot of customization, it doesn't let you play and SE whenever 'ok' is pressed, which is exactly what I wanted to do. I was wondering if it would be possible...
  4. BoneCollectors

    RMMV Help to edit conditional menu commands in Save/Load scene

    Hi! In our game, we have specific places to save the game and other places to load the game. I am trying the edit the Save/Load scene because I want to limit the options depending on the load restrictions. I am writing something wrong in the lines below...
  5. Arglax

    RMMV Preload Plugin for Web Deployed Games

    Hi! I just want to know what preloading plugin you guys use(if there are or if it is possible to) for your web-deployed RMMV Games because my game has super long loading times on web. Thanks!
  6. tammie

    RMMV Timed Button Dodge

    I'm using RPG Maker MV and am using SumRndmDde's Timed Attacks plugins, found here: http://sumrndm.site/category/plugins/timed-attacks/. I'm using all except Action Sequences and clock. These scripts allow the player to press a button at the right time to do maximum damage. However, I'm also...
  7. TwentyFree

    RMMV Galv's Superman Ability help

    Hey, I use Galv's Superman Abilty plugin to make my characters fly, but they retain the normal form (they don't turn into a butterfly) I am trying to make a event ''fly'' aswell. Problem is the height is different. Galv sudjested me to make the sprite sheet higher of that event to make it look...
  8. Kino

    RPGMakerMV [ES6] Strings

    You can find the post here. Introduction Strings are a part of almost any object-oriented programming language. Today, we're going to discuss some of the basics of strings, and what new features are available to us with strings when using ES6. Strings Strings are a sequence of characters and...
  9. Kino

    JavaScript Map Object [ES6]

    You can find the original post here. The Map Object In ES6, JavaScript added a new Map class. The Map class is very similar to the standard object class, with a few differences. Today, we’re going over when to use and why to use them. Why Map Map, unlike the object class, does not have extra...
  10. Kino

    JavaScript Arrow Functions

    If you'd like to read the original post you can find it here. KinoCreates.io Introduction Functions are a collection of instructions that are used to accomplish a task. In JavaScript, there are two types of functions you’ll see often; the standard function and the arrow function. Now, there are...
  11. Kino

    JavaScript Variables

    Since MZ is ES6, I've decided to repost some of the older tutorials around ES6 JavaScript. JS Variables For the record I own both KinoCreates and EIS Full text transcript: Every programming languages come with basic building blocks; variables are one of those blocks. Variables are the...
  12. How can I set a transition time to the title menu?

    I am using a Moghunter plugin which is MOG_Titlelayers and with that plugin I made a transition with the title image, at first the screen looks black and then the image comes out, I managed to do the same with the title name that comes out in the Title screen, at first the title is not...
  13. Josuec

    Stealth/Detection System

    Hello there! I have been trying to find a plugin that allows me to create scenarios where there is a guard patrolling an area and you have to sneak in order to prevent a fight or a game over. I know what you are thinking, there's a couple (Or more) plugins about this, BUT... These plugins are...
  14. Oatilis

    [Solved] Replacing "Options" with "Quit" in Scene_Title

    So, in the scenes JS file this code creates the main title menu: Scene_Title.prototype.createCommandWindow = function() { this._commandWindow = new Window_TitleCommand(); this._commandWindow.setHandler('newGame', this.commandNewGame.bind(this))...
  15. Amarok

    need a way to display graphics without the default show picture command

    Hello there! i hope everyone is doing well and safe in these times. Since the quarantine prevents me from working i went back to coding and rpgmaking, kept experimenting with js and made my own roguelike system, everything works fine except one thing. Performance is terrible, most probably...
  16. FatalErrorDriveB

    Can I add parameters based on a parameter?

    So I'm not sure if this can even be done. What I wish to do is add parameters to my plugins parameter list depending on a parameter the user entered. I know that's confusing so I'll try to give an example. param NUM_TO_HAVE [user give a number here] Param NUM_1 [Value] (These only show if the...
  17. ovate

    Item Call Script

    ItemCallScript - Version 1.0.0 (2018/09/16) Creator name: Triacontane Introduction Create an item or skill that will run any script when used. Note: Javascript knowledge is required for use. Instructions- Specify the following in the item or skill note box: <call:insert script here>...
  18. CynicSyndrome

    can you start BGM at a desired time index??

    ◆Script:AudioManager.playBgm({ name: $gameVariables.value(1309), volume: $gameVariables.value(1310), pitch: $gameVariables.value(1311), pan: $gameVariables.value(1312)}); I am using this above code to designate BGM to play and settings to use. it works 100% perfectly, but now I need a way to...
  19. Questions about plugin making

    Hello, I'm trying to make some plugins plivately for my project and I have 2 questions 1. When I try to use $game, $data or any other command that starts with "$" in my js file it throws the "cannot read property ... of null". But if I put it inside a Game_Interpreter.prototype.pluginCommand it...
  20. State Which Adds A Percent of One Parameter to Another Parameter

    Hi, I need help with figuring out how to implement this in the script of a state. (I am using solely Yanfly plugins, so I'm assuming it would only need Yanfly Buffs and States Core to create this state.) For example: a state called "Velocity" increases the actor's Attack Parameter by 50% of...

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