1. p0_boy

    zHUD - A Zelda-esque HP HUD Plug-In

    zHUD (v0.8) by dismal_science__ and Caethyril Introduction zHUD is a very rudimentary HP Head-Up Display, reminiscent to the style used in the Zelda series. zHUD is designed for use with single-actor games. zHUD uses a set of image files to indicate HP status. Parameters Prefix This...
  2. buddysievers

    Skill/item have different effects if in battle possible?

    Hi and hello, im using alot of the Yanfly plugins and im not sure how i can accomplish what i want and wanted to ask if someone can help with that. I want to have some Items and Skills have different effects while used in menu or in batlle. Think of FF9's Potion as example. It heals 100 HP when...
  3. buddysievers

    Formula equation in JS

    Hey and hello, i wonder if someone can guide me to the right equation for what i want to accomplish. If i would convert this formula to MV's format what shall i do? Base=SpellPower Bonus=Magic...[(Lv+Magic)/8]+Magic HPRestored=Base∗Bonus This is waht i guess is right besides the ...[] part...
  4. buddysievers

    MOG - Battle Transitions + SRD Battleback Scroll

    Hey and hello, when using plugins which animate the battlebacks the game crashes with this error message: this.snapForBattleBackground is not a function The console points to MOG's plugin where the "snapForBattleBackground" can be found. It happens with SRD's and with Yanflys scripts. Anyone...
  5. buddysievers

    JPN Plugin translation

    Hey and hello, i came arround a script which i think does what i need the only problem is it is in japanese. Google translate doesnt help me with understanding how it works. Not in english nor in german. I hope someone here maybe understand the instructions and could translate them. Here is a...
  6. buddysievers

    VE - Dragoon Jump crashes game

    Hi and hello there, i wanted to use the Dragoon Jump skill in my game which should be able to optain through Victors plugins and his tutorial. The problem is even in a vanilla project with 100% correct setup it crashes the game with this message: TypeError targets.forEach is not a function...
  7. buddysievers

    Get item/skill effect values in a formula

    Hey and hello everyone, im using the VE -Mix Actions plugin which lets you like the name suggests mix items and skills together. The plugin gives me the option to get the last used items/skills in a mix to use them in the forula for the resulting skill. It looks basicly like this...
  8. DrDhoom

    Suikoden Like Weapon Upgrade

    Weapon Upgrade v2.0 DrDhoom Introduction Commissioned by @kaleemmcintyre, published with permission. This plugin is for upgrading actor's weapon, just like Blacksmith shop in Suikoden. Yanfly's Item Core is needed! Features - Use growth formula for weapon parameters. - Use upgrade cost formula...
  9. AdamSakuru

    How to check if a picture ID is currently in use?

    Is there a way you can check, through a script call, if a specific picture ID is drawn/if a picture ID exists? (Meaning that picture ID is currently displaying something and not 'nothing')
  10. DrDhoom

    Parallax Utils

    Parallax Utils v1.2 DrDhoom Introduction Create multipurpose parallaxes to beautify your maps. Features - Unlimited parallaxes. - Can be used as fog or weather. - Each parallax can be disabled via switch. - Easier setup with presets. - Animated parallax with adjustable frame duration and max...
  11. Save map in a variable

    Hi, i'm new here, and i don't speek english, so... Sorry for my mistakes. Has some way to save the actual generate map with SAN_MapGenerator in a Variable? the full map, with events, parameters, local switch? https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/map-generator.51808/ For example...
  12. Senfgurke

    How to display images in code?

    Hi there, I would consider myself a relatively seasoned JS-Scripter and also collected some experience in RPGMaker XP in my younger years. Right now I'm trying to make a custom battle system with cards. For a first Proof-Of-Concept my idea was to use skills as the cards and in the note tag of...
  13. How do I force Actor ID to use an action?

    I have a small problem with the skills I'm creating. Currently I force battler 0 to do an action when a state ends using Yanfly's Buffstates plugins. <Custom Remove Effect> $gameParty.members()[0].forceAction(46, 1); BattleManager.forceAction($gameParty.members()[0]); </Custom Remove Effect>...
  14. _Shadow_

    $game actors is not defined. Why?

    First off a few details so everyone can understand what I want to make and why. The game contains two possible Actors. The game also contains two possible Classes. Actor 1 is Class 1 and Actor 2 is Class 2. This is RPG Maker basics, but I needed to state how things are set up, so you would...
  15. Cheesy

    [SOLVED] How do I "draw" a white square on the screen?

    This is probably a super easy problem to solve, but I'm still a newbie at js so I don't know what to do. I need a map event to make a sprite appear on the screen with a script call, like you would with a picture, but I'm not using those because for what I've seen they are not as dynamic and...
  16. _Shadow_

    Nightmare to figure our date. Bugs or a features?

    So I just answered to a member of the forum, on a nice question. "Hey I want the game to know the real date, cause I can do cool things with that, like a Christmas event if it's Christmas in real life". How could I resist to such a clever idea. Searched for a plugin, found nothing. Go 0figure...
  17. asanogaijin

    Problem: Drawing Yanfly's JP in alternate menu plugin

    Hello everyone! I have a plugin / JS related question that no matter how much I tried I haven't been able to solve... I am using SmRndmDde's alternate menu plugin "BustIcons" which is amazing, and I've customized it to a point that I like removing the message bar at the top or removing the text...
  18. Iliassine

    Node Webkit becoming invasive

    Good morning everyone ! Like the title says, I'd like to find a way to disable the Node Webkit. I keep getting it and when I close it down, 1 of 3 times, it closes the game with it. It keeps popping up and becomes really annoying. So, I must ask for help. Thanks in advance.
  19. FoxySeta

    【Foxy's】"【Foxy's】Profiles Menu" extension customization

    Tutorial topic: how to let the player select an outfit (hence the title) Brief description Since it appears the documentation I provided for my extension turned out to be insufficient for some users, here's something more detailed. This tutorials covers various edits you can do to my extension...
  20. Dungeonmind

    Edit for how Element Rates work in MV

    Hi there I need to change how element rates work in the database. So if I set 20% resistance to fire then the player would take 20% less damage from fire. If they had two equipment pieces on with 20% Resistance set to fire then they would add together for a total of 40% resistance to fire which...

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