1. NordicChicken

    Pop Message Script Request

    Is there a brave soul who would be willing enough to create a plugin similar to Yami's Pop Message script for RMVXA? I know it is still week 1 and someone will probably make it in the next few months, but this script is essential to me!
  2. jet_black

    What is needed to learn JS development for RPG Maker the best way?

    Hello guys, I´m asking myself what would be the best roadmap for learning JS-development for the MV? Would it be enough to just learn the vanilla JS (After a good foundation I want to head for CoffeeScript), or will it be a huge improvement for MV-relevant JS-Skills when also learning Pixi.js...
  3. Joronjo

    Alphabetical Organizer "Plugins"

    Joronjo's Ready-made Alphabetical Organizers for Plugins + Instructions to make new ones   A set of dud plugins to helps users and plugin makers keep their work organized. These are in fact very simple to make, but can get a little tedious, so this archive serves as a time server, specially...
  4. nio kasgami

    Nio Simple Max Actor

    ■ Nio Simple Max Actor" Author : Nio Kasgami  Date of creation : 2015/10/05 V.1.00 Require : NA ■ Introduction Plugin who permit to change the max battle member in battle.   ■ Features change the max battle member  fix the Actor overlaps on status window when they have more than 4 actors by...
  5. Faytless

    TUTORIAL: The Absolute Basics of Plugin Making

    This will only cover the BASICS of plugin making. I will add more to this when the video is up ( i.e. how to pull params from the user to use in your plugin) A video will accommodate this in a little bit. You will NOT become a level 99 Warlock after this... maybe. a level 5 Wizard?. Anyways...
  6. Faytless

    Tom's Title Skipper

    Tom's Title Skipper V1.0 Thomas Pham This plugin will skip your Title call  Features -Plug and Play - Skips Title and goes to your first Scene How to Use Drop the .js file into your plugins folder.  Go to your plugin manager and make sure it is switched to ON.  No parameters to adjust/...
  7. nio kasgami

    Emoji Engine MV - Origin "AI Core" {Beta}

    ■ Emoji Engine MV - Origin "AI Core" Author : Nio Kasgami  Date of creation : 2015/10/05 V.1.00 {Beta} Require : NA ■ Introduction did you ever wanted to have a NPC with interacting with you while you shopping or choosing a quest in your guild? But you don't want to pass 10 hours in doing event...
  8. redspark

    Making a custom Battle Script for MV

    Perhaps this can't be answered now due to NDA but later when MV is released this Friday.  I'm considering creating a Tactical Card-based Battle System.  However, I'd like to know how deep into the engine one has to go to decouple the current battle system and introduce your own.  What is...
  9. nio kasgami

    Define yourself in JS { JS practice }

    Hey guys so I wanted since it's a good practice....why not define ourself in coding?  if I explain you will take a base or a core function and you will define yourself by using this core function  var Entity = new Entity_Basefunction Entity_Base() {var inteligence = 0;var language = [];var...

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