1. DJOfChaos

    RMMV Would it be possible to define notetags from a separate JSON file?

    To preface this, while I am still fairly new to JavaScript, I have enough coding knowledge from working with other formats to get a general sense of most terms. That said, anything beyond the basics of defining objects, functions, etc. is something I'm still making the transition to, so I...
  2. RMMV Reading multiple JSON objects from one file or altering a JSON object's file directly?

    I'm trying to make a custom data structure that gets saved based on my input from inside the game. Kind of think of it like Yanfly's GridFreeDoodad's plugin, which I'm sort of using as a reference except without the fancy UI and graphical loading. In short, I'm making a plugin that'll help me...
  3. Character Names and Classes Overlap

    Hey-de-hi. To get right on down to the point, I have this issue where the name of my character and their class overlap in the pause menu window if the character's name is long enough. How would I move the area where the character's class is displayed to the right so it's not in the way of the...
  4. Question about window assets

    Some context: In "window.png" (which is the image in the system image folder that makes up text windows and the like) there's this section of the image dedicated to the "highlighter" that appears whenever something like an item or an option is selected. This "highlighter" has its opacity...
  5. DRG

    [Solved] Undo MapInfos.Json Corruption?

    I'm an idiot, I pushed my luck and put off creating a new backup for my game because it would "Take too long" now here I am with months worth of progress gone. Or am I? yes, I've lost some special attacks, an enemy, lots of weapons, items, and armor. I also lost a file to corruption called...
  6. MusicalSamurai

    Deployment Protection in RPGMV

    I have two concerns with RPGMV... I'll first mention the least annoying and then move on to my most pressing issue. 1. RPGMV Deployment with 'Exclude Unused Files" ticked will completely ignore Images, Music & Sounds that have been referred to Programmatically (such as a custom plugin) - This...
  7. Indsh

    Scripting Circular References and Serialization

    Does anyone know where this file is? http://himeworks.com/2016/04/scripting-circular-references-and-serialization/ (https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/circular-references-in-serialization.60150/)
  8. Eliaquim

    Change JSON files in data folder after the deployment

    Hi people! Well, I was playtesting my game with a deployed version. While I'm doing that, I see something in the maps that need a change, like events, common events, etc. So for me to not do the deployment process again, I opened the editor and made that changes. After that, I take the...
  9. iNumPad

    [SOLVED] How $dataQuests is saved (to file) on YEP Quest System Plugin?

    Hi there. I'm using Quest Journal System from Yanfly. When I save the game and then loaded it again: The quests are there, the same way it was before the saving. BUT, analyzing the plugin's code itself, I didn't see any line that says "Save $dataQuests content to the save file."...
  10. p0_boy

    More Questions About Asynchronous Programming

    Hello again, e'rybody- I have the following JSON object, stored in a variable ($gameSystem._ipLookupJSON): Each of the keys in the object above is a URL. I am trying to write a function ($._findService()) that: Goes through each key one by one, Sends that key to another function...
  11. p0_boy

    List of Event Codes

    Howdy, folks- New week, new query. Thank you to everybody who has given me help thus far. I have tried to crawl through Google to find an answer but am not able to find anything- is there a list that exists anywhere that indicates the event codes for events as they appear in the map JSON...
  12. p0_boy

    Counting The Number Of Maps In A Game?

    Hello again, everybody- Quick question- is there a script call to count the total number of maps in the game? I have tried to Google for an answer and go over the RPG Maker Library but came up with nothing. The only other way I can think of is to write a function to count the Map***.json...
  13. professorbeej

    Save Files as Unminified JSON

    Hey, folks. My partner and I are collaborating remotely on our game, and we are using GitHub to do it. It works great for the most part, except when I am trying to merge branches or pull requests. What happens is that if either of us has edited MapInfos.json or Actors.json or System.json or...
  14. professorbeej

    Mark All Tiles Impassible in a Tileset

    Hey, folks! I want to get into plugin development, so I figured I'd start out by trying to alleviate an issue I have that I can't find a plugin for. Personally, I hate individually marking tiles with 0, X, * because I have far more X tiles than anything else. So I want a plugin that can either...
  15. RMMV, git, gitattributes, and versionId change

    I have my RMMV project checked into git. I notice that pretty much any time I do anything, git says that a bunch of files in data/*.json have changed. I fixed some of this by adding a .gitattributes file with # For json files in data/ don't mess with them data/*.json text=false but I still...
  16. Zausen

    Wath happen with json files and notes?

    Hello everybody! I was designing an plugin and in the process I think... If I create a new json and a new object and I explain to datamanager it, will it work? For example: Json file X: [ {A: "miau miau miau", B: "mew mew mew", C: "nya nya nya"}, {A: "miau2 miau2 miau2", B: "mew2 mew2 mew2"...
  17. captainette777

    Audio issues after redownloading game.

    So, let me explain myself. I'm running Rpg Maker MV. I uploaded a dropbox ZIP demo of my game after deploying it for Windows. I disabled encryption for audio and images, then I had the unused files removed. Several days later, I had to go purging my PC of old files, and I accidently deleted...
  18. Archeia

    Scripted UI Tutorial Series

    Scripted UI Tutorial Series (Google Drive Link) A collection of tutorials on how to create or modify the JSON layouts inside Visual Novel Maker. The UI is created in 1080p. This tutorial is a collaboration between @Dr.Yami and @Archeia. Video Tutorial will be coming as well! You can access...
  19. Kino

    JSON Formulas and UI

    Hey guys, I'm wondering how formulas work in depth. I'm trying to use formulas to generate the properties of the UI elements, such as the text on buttons, but they don't seem to do anything to the current UI. It works for simple properties like text in ui.Text, but when I use them on buttons...
  20. Groundon3

    Save JSON data as in-game variables?

    So, I have been trying to access the Toops.json file through a script command to get the in battle targeted enemy's screen x and screen y and save each as a variable. The problem is that I have looked everywhere for how to do this but with no luck. I have some understanding on what to do but no...

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