1. Kes

    'Jump' in Action Sequence

    I want an enemy to jump twice to reach the target, but so far have failed to get it to work. All I get is one jump, even with fiddling around with 'wait' etc. Also that one jump set to height 400 doesn't seem to be all that different from a jump set to 100. The commands look like this: Am I...
  2. Zone_Syx

    Dodge/Backstep ABS

    Hi, I'm trying to make a Dodge/Backstep mechanic in RPG Maker MV. I am using Chrono Engine ABS. I would like to change the (D) Defense button into Dodge/Backstep to avoid enemy attacks, traps, etc. Using another button would be fine other than the D button. If anyone could help, it is one of the...
  3. remainderstudios

    [Vx Ace] Prevent the player from going through walls when jumping

    I have a small engine that allows you to jump back using the "jump" command. if the player looking right, jump -1 X + 0 Y (jump back) and so on with the other directions. the problem is that the player goes through the walls. I already tried blocking the walls with the Yanfly Engine Ace -...
  4. Mercedes90

    How do I make a dance floor?

    So, I've made some progress with my project. And now it's time to create a Nightclub/Rave map. The first thing I want to make is a Dance Floor. What I want to do is to make the character continuously jump when touching the events (which are the dance floors), the character should continuously...
  5. ulosbal

    RMMZ Jump designation with variables

    Hello, It's possible in “transfer player” to use designation with variables, and for jump no… It's possible to do this in javascript? (I don't find a thread in this topic)
  6. RMXP Cream horn adventure

    "Tia," the girl who goes home with Cream horn ingredients. But... an uninvited guest stole Tia's chocolate conch bread ingredients! Tia's adventure to find ingredients for chocolate conch bread begins! * Simple jump game to enjoy! * Solve various puzzle elements on the stage.~ * If you...
  7. Eliaquim

    Eli Jump System - Player jumps with a press of a button!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction This plugin is designed to make the player allow you to jump forward when you press a button. Features Add a jump button! Can choose a sound to play when jumping. Can use a variable value to define how far the player will jump. Can set up the conditions...
  8. RMMV Jump skill that lets you Pick which skill to use a turn after you jump. Help

    I'm trying to create a skill that jumps in the air and after a turn you can pick which skill you'd like to use, for this I had the idea to use skill extender but I have no idea how to connect it to yanfly lunatic notetags. As if I call the skill that extends, it won't work and I don't know how...
  9. Random Panda

    Script call to make player jump to a specific tile

    Hi all, I was wondering if there was a way in MV to make a player jump/move to a specified tile, no matter where they are? Something along the lines of this: $game_player.jump_pos(x,y) But for MV. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  10. Devildimos

    Player Jump to pos variables [VX ACE] (Solved)

    Hello. Not sure if this is the correct board. I am a noob in this. I am trying to make a player jump to a stored variables [X,Y] without using transfer_player. What I am trying to create is a Warp skill that stores the player's X and Y and when using the skill again the player will jump to that...
  11. Movement route : jump problem

    I make my NPC character keep jumping to the left (x:-2; y:0). The problem is this character jump to the river or even outside map area. So how do you limiting this jump so if the NPC facing river or wall, they stop jumping ?
  12. aporokizzu

    Moving Platforms

    Greetings- I am trying to script a moving platform, that the player must try to land on. I have the following code: var Imported = Imported || {}; Imported.PE_JumpMan = true; var PE = PE || {}; PE.JumpMan = PE.JumpMan || {}; (function($){ var JumpMan_Game_CharacterBase_jump =...
  13. Looking for advanced Jumping mechanic

    Hi everyone, I thought I had posted this in a forum, but I may not have finished the post, I can't seem to find it. Anyway, I'm hoping to have someone create a plugin that will allow my character to jump over events/obstacles, without getting stuck on restricted tilesets (being able to jump...
  14. Jumping to turn on "through"

    Hey everyone, is there a way to check if I'm on an upper layer. For example, I have rocks rolling towards my player, both player and rock are on the same level, but when I jump, I'm above it, however the game does not recognize this, so I'd like to put in a conditional branch that checks what...
  15. Register mutliple button presses

    Hi everyone, is there a way to register multiple buttons being pressed. In this case, I have an event underneath the character that allows them to jump, however I'd like to be able to move up and down and still have the jump event register as im moving up or down. Thanks in advance.
  16. Mimikyu

    How do I make a player jump event triggered by a button press?

    I want to have a jump action when I press a button on the keyboard like C for example with these particular features -Prevent them from jumping over certain tiles -When not moving jumps in mid-air and only when moving, jumps in the direction they're moving in (not sure if it's possible) I've...
  17. Kristina

    Yanfly Smart Jump disable to learned

    I've been trying to make this work, but I'm now lost... I got the plugins: Smart Jump and Button Common Event. Now, I want the players to only be able to jump after a certain situation: in this case, a character who teach the player how to jump by a press of a button. So I want to only make...
  18. JDevain

    Is there a way to change the jump speed?

    To be clear, I'm talking about the speed that the player or event moves while jumping, so that the jump takes less or more time. The speed and frequency in Autonomous Movement doesn't seem to affect it. Thanks! EDIT: OK, so I messed around and came up with this a little plugin based on some...
  19. Better jumping mechanics?

    Hi guys! This is my first post, and I really don't know for sure if this belongs here, so I'm sorry if I've posted to the wrong spot. I'm using Galv's Jump Ability plugin, it works great for basic jumping around, but I'm needing to expand on it. What I want it to do is not only let you jump 2...
  20. AdamSakuru

    Tomoaky's Jump Action (only on specific maps)

    https://hikimoki.sakura.ne.jp/plugin/jump_action.html https://www.indiexpo.net/en/games/rpg-maker-mv-platformer Is it possible to edit this plugin to use in a project where it only makes specific maps function as platform levels? Meaning that when not on specific maps this plugin does not...

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