1. Mimikyu

    How do I make a player jump event triggered by a button press?

    I want to have a jump action when I press a button on the keyboard like C for example with these particular features -Prevent them from jumping over certain tiles -When not moving jumps in mid-air and only when moving, jumps in the direction they're moving in (not sure if it's possible) I've...
  2. JDevain

    Is there a way to change the jump speed?

    To be clear, I'm talking about the speed that the player or event moves while jumping, so that the jump takes less or more time. The speed and frequency in Autonomous Movement doesn't seem to affect it. Thanks! EDIT: OK, so I messed around and came up with this a little plugin based on some...
  3. Ace of Spades

    RMMV Odyssey - Action Adventure Zelda-esque RPG

    SYNOPSIS A shipwrecked adventurer seeks shelter from a storm after their ship is struck by lightning. With no civilization in sight, the castaway climbs their way from the wreckage and stumbles upon an ancient crypt. Venturing deep into the catacombs, the wanderer unwillingly releases a...
  4. Cerevire

    Can anyone direct me to a certain tutorial?

    So I've been looking around for a tutorial on having characters jump as well as moving platforms to move over gaps while I have a platform able to move back and forth, the player has to move with it, it also doesnt work over certain tiles I found Viktor Engines VXA version but it doesnt...
  5. SebazWorld

    Fence Jumping

    Hi, in one of my games I'm doing a mechanic where the player can jump over fences and I was wondering how I should do it. I figured I should do a Self Switch turning it on and off when the player goes back and forth, but what if the player chooses a different part of the fence to jump over? And...
  6. bentheechidna


    Can you make it possible to jump and/or have your character ascend off the ground in RPG Maker?
  7. BeardBro

    Need Assistance with Evented Jumping System

    Hello, there! I've created a relatively simple jumping system using events, but I'm hitting a bit of a snag in regards to functionality. The system works as follows: the player can use the action button to jump over a single-space gap. There are two events involved in a jump: one 'Below...

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