1. Kupotepo

    What you think about Order society vs. Chao society in RPG Games?

    This reflective discusses which I intend to learn, understand, and expand my perspectives on how to execute better writing plots for RPG games. Are heroes have to take justice on their hands or the people in authority help them punishment the villains in your games? Isn't true that people who...
  2. naruzeldamaster

    What Defines a 'true' RPG?

    Okay, am I the only one consistantly frustrated with Game companies labeling a game as an RPG just because it has a level up system? Or some other Element that most RPG's have in them? You know, like an emo anime eyed teenager with spiky hair? To me, most games labeled as an RPG aren't really...

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Worst nightmare this morning, tried to get 20 minutes of work done on my project before heading to work and got hit with a POWER SURGE. Restarted my computer and the project was CORRUPTED, luckily I made a back up a few days ago so I only lost 4 days of work but still
what the other name of Elixir?

many games are use that,i want name it different.
What does your project folder look like?
I was told that an iPhone can provide a personal internet hotspot...You learn something new everyday!

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