1. Roninator2

    I need to understand Kaduki

    I have searched and read many things, seen many pictures, but none of it is fully helpful. The reason being there are differences to almost every graphic that is using Kaduki as the animation style. Here http://www.rpgmakerc...nimated-battle/ is some information for example, but still does...
  2. NeoFantasy

    Recoloring a face set.

    Hello everyone...when it comes to coloring...I'm not the one you want in charge. I've been trying on and off for a few months now to change her hair color from blonde to black however, my skills in Gimp just aren't good enough. So I was wondering if anyone out there would be willing to...
  3. NeoFantasy

    Face edit

    So I made this request a while ago but it had to be closed because Kaduki wasn't around, but now that he's back I'd like to request it again. I need someone to make me an edit of this face so she has a look of pure hatred and anger. Imagine you met the person you hate most in the world and all...
  4. Prodigy 1216

    1 Downed Kaduki Sprite Need Assistance!

    Need assistance from spriters! Just a simple request, can somebody make a downed sprite for this sprite inside the spoiler, I exchanged it to the 'red thingy'. Credit will be given, rest assured.  For Example:
  5. NeoFantasy

    Face needed to be remade into Rtp or kaduki/anime style

    Hey guys, so this character is very important to the plot of my game and I really really need a face for her that wouldn't look out of place with what i'm currently using (a mix of Kaduki and a bit of rtp) so can someone remake me her face in either kaduki or rtp style. I only need one...
  6. NeoFantasy

    Face edit needed

    Hey guys, me again So I really need somebody to make crying version of this face (use whichever one as a base) as you can see it actually comes with a crying version but it doesn't exactly fit. The character should have more of a shocked expression like this. The character should look as...
  7. oloimp

    Passionate Sprite Artist needed!

    Hello everyone! Since the recruitment board asks not to post for personal projects, I am trying my luck on here. For the game I am working on right now, I am looking for sprite artists willing to help fill my world. Even though the RTP sprites aren't particularly bad, I have always gravitated...
  8. JamesRyan

    Kaduki sprites

    Hi guys, I have just visited Kaduki's website to find some more characters and faces but his/her website is down. So i wanna ask you guys if anyone has the bundle of all his charactes and faces or somewhere else that i can find his sprites and face. Thank you for your help.
  9. NeoFantasy

    Simple sprite annimation needed

    Hey guys I need someone to make this sprite animate like she's pulling up her hood to  I don't need all poses just facing down Thank you in advance :D
  10. NeoFantasy

    Need a kaduki sv battler finished.

    Hey guys, So I need someone to make me a kaduki styled battler based off of this sprite here I found some template's of Kaduki's battlers that are free to use on HBGames.org  Credit to Lomastul for the template. Thank you in advance :D
  11. NeoFantasy

    Need a face edited

    Hey everyone, me again. So I've been trying to do this my self for about three days now but for lack of a better term, I suck at art. What I need is for someone to edited this image so that there's a bandage around her right eye (not an eyepatch). The bandage should look something like this...
  12. Zoomko

    Who has kaduki sprites, busts and faces?

    Hello everyone! Since kaduki clodes his site I wonder where I can find his characters/faces/busts?
  13. Sugar Rush

    Kaduki Actors 04 and 19 Recolor

    So I love these two sprites, they are exactly what I am looking for except for one thing . . . the goggles.  If they didn't have the goggles they could easily be main characters in an RPG that doesn't require a flying ship or an engineer.  I posted the link below that has Kaduki Actors 19 and...
  14. romoku

    VXAce Kaduki style battlers searching

    Hello! I am in a bit of a crisis here.. For my current non-commercial game i am in need of some kaduki battlers. I need the battlers for the 5-1 and 5-5 i know they have to exist as i read in some other forums. but i can not find it anywhere. (lack of googling skills :D :P ) But for the...
  15. Mr. Detective

    Request Kaduki Faceset Edit.

    Hi guys, I would like to request an edit to the following faceset. It's from Kaduki. I want to edit his red hair to black, his eyes to black, and his shirt collar to white. I tried to do this with Fireworks, but couldn't. I understand that this might take a lot of time. So if anyone's...
  16. Ven

    [VX/ACE] Set of Kaduki Battler Sprites for one character

    Hello, could someone please make me kaduki-style battler sprites for this character. :)   Template:
  17. Knighteriius

    Kaduki Battlers RTP

    Hello every Apple! So I was wondering if anyone knows where I could find kaduki battlers for actor's 5. So essentially the whole set :) I have had a hard time finding many which I found surprising. Right now I have found the Vx rtp in battler format but now I am search for these 8  :) I...
  18. Mack/8Dir Sprites

    Fell in love with the mack size and style and the multi-pose action of 8dir/kaduki. But alas there is no resources for this, I had to make my own. I'm not an artist, just frankensprited these together. Only have done 3 so far, will post them as I make them. Credit to RelayPoint for the...
  19. Victor Engine Animated Battle + Kaduki Error

    Hey Guys! This is my first post in here, so let me know if I need to give any more information.   I am using Victor's Animated Battle Engine, and trying to use Kaduki battlers. I was recently using the engine with Holder's battlers, and while the battlers themselves worked, I would constantly...
  20. Jonath4nC

    Jonnaz Resources

    Description: ---------------------------------------- Welcome to Jonnaz Resources, take a look around!   :D Any critique/feedback on the sprites would be awesome!   :) thanks Also comment below on what you guys want to see :) .     TERMS and CONDITIONS:   Sprites:   For...

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