1. Compatibility between MACK character and Kaduki

    So I have a conundrum. I don't like chibi style characters. So I've been using MACK characters everywhere. Recently I've found Kaduki's battlers to be very good. It has more variety than Holder's and it's animated. but it seems like if I want to use Kaduki's battlers I HAVE to use it on the...
  2. Request for a custom Kaduki Sprite

    Hi all, Would anyone be able to create RMVX-style Kaduki sprites of this character? I've tried to create one myself, but I end up making an abomination with the face of a man and the body of a purple cloud monster... I don't know if this will help the task, but he is not intended to be a...
  3. Request for Kaduki Battlers

    I was looking for someone to help me make kaduki battle sets for these 2 people. Kaduki battlers look like this: I know it's a lot but any help is really appreciated! Thanks ahead of time
  4. Blitzwinger5

    Kaduki Sprite

    Okay so after repeatedly browsing through a lot of kaduki's sprites I settled on a few that didn't have sprite sheets. I've recolored and even made some hairs for most of them but one of them is giving me a lot of trouble. I'm still re-skinning his walking sprite but I would like if someone...
  5. R-Soul

    Adapting Kaduki Sprites to Galv Idle Animations

    Hi everyone~ Soo out of the blue I found this script, which I thought was pretty awesome, it basically lets you choose different sets of actor images to have different sprites for dashing and idling, as well as running a common event. It isn't that long or hard to figure out how it works, but...
  6. Linhtendo

    VXAce Generator Parts in Kaduki-Style [Updated: 22nd June]

    The generator in Ace is really helpful for those, who can't edit or draw their own characters (or for those who can but are lazy :D ) And there are many people who use the Kaduki-Facesets and sprites. But the faces in the generator don't match with the anime-stylish Kaduki Facesets. So, because...
  7. ディーノス

    [REQ]Can Anyone Make My Sprites into kaduki sprites

    hi... i have a request... can anyone make this sprites into kaduki sprites
  8. ディーノス

    [RMVXA]Tankentai Kaduki Support

    I'm back XD i'm here to give you tankentai with kaduki version and i add some skill... here's the Screenshot download link Credits : Deenos - Made Kaduki Version Usui.moo.jp - for the sprites tomy - for the tankentai krayz - for semi translate

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