1. Random Kanji (presumed) Entries in Database

    I tried looking elsewhere for an answer to this one, but for some reason, found no other references to it anywhere either on these forums or on Google. It appears that nobody else has ever had this problem, ever. Or just didn't care. I find that hard to believe, but given the weirdness, I am...
  2. demonhead

    Playing Japanese Games with English Commentary

    Hello, I've been studying Japanese for 3 years. I'm around an intermediate level. I understand the majority of the story, and if I don't know a word I'll usually look it up. The first game Im playing is one of the VX ACE sample games.  http://tkool.jp/products/rpgvxace/samplegame.html...
  3. RPG Maker VX Ace Japanese Characters show up as blocks

    Whenever I try to type in Kanji in the game I am working on, it comes out as blank blocks. The script editor also shows Japanese characters as blocks in the character tables part. When I paste it into here, it works, though. JAPAN1 = [ 'あ','い','う','え','お',  'が','ぎ','ぐ','げ','ご',            ...

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