1. Kato-A

    FREE I'm looking for a music composer for a horror game

    Required Engine: Rpg Mv Synopsis: Kato is a spoiled, optimistic and a little egocentric guy who wakes up in a hospital one night without being able to remember what happened to him. When he goes out to investigate he realizes that the hospital is abandoned and something there will not let him...
  2. Kato-A

    Hello, I'm a happy artist ghost

    I have some time here, but just like a reader, now I want to present myself property My nickname is kato, I'm making a horror game call it Katos's nightmare I like to draw, write and make comic strips. (also have a fb page but is in spanish here) Well, I hope to get along with everyone, make...

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Finally showing some updates again
I think it's ready - Chapter Selection:
On another more gaming topic, I paid 20 bucks for a visual novel to emotionally destroy me. I may write an entry about that.
Reading about metaverses recently. I can totally imagine myself in the future, logging in with VR glasses to a virtual beach villa sitting in a virtual chair, with a virtual laptop facing the sea...coding 16-bit RM.
Mod name: "[Game name] Gameplay Overhaul"
What they actually mean: "Here is a mod that makes the game harder."

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