1. Keep pictures with message box

    Hello, Sorry for my bad english, I have been searching for a plugin allowing me to keep my pictures on screen when a message appears. By default on RPG Maker MV, showing a message hides all the pictures... If there is a plugin somewhere or any other way to do that... Thank you for telling me...
  2. TheDrifter

    Keep mouse cursor in game window

    Greetings, I have been using the Super Simple Mouse Script v1.10 by Shaz in conjunction with the Fullscreen++ v2.2 script by Zeus81. SUPER SIMPLE MOUSE SCRIPT v1.10 by Shaz Fullscreen++ v2.2 script by Zeus81 When testing my project, the Sword-like cursor disappears and reverts back to the...
  3. Will I keep my license?

    Here's the deaaaaalio. I'm making a new account on my computer, so that I don't always use my admin account. I want to know if I re-install RPG Maker VX Ace on that account, if I'd still have the license for it? Or would I need to buy a new one? What would happen? How would I be able to keep my...
  4. Keep the TPs the same after a fight

    It's-a-me, again. I had a great idea : create a new skill section called "Overdrive", with inside 1 or 2 very powerful skills, but which need 100 TP to be activated. I also programed my game so gaining TPs is really slow (+2TP with Attack, some add more... but anyway, an attack of the...

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Hey you! Yeah YOU! Whatcha doin' not backing up your projects? You a masochist or sumthin'? GO BACK UP YOUR PROJECTS! Sheeesh... Didn't think I'd hafta spell it out for yas.
now I need to determine, how MV determines if an auto tile is complete or not.
Edit:From what I can tell it uses Autotile kinds to do that.
Edit 2: The editor determines it and packs picture data for the engine....
Finished with the ground work for my class system, using Ellye's Class Change Equipment and Yanfly's Class Change Core plugins to implement an equip based subclass feature!
Hi people! I was wondering... Here in Brazil, we have a whats app group for we talk about rpg maker and our projects. A more informal way for we meet each other. Is there any whats app group out there? :)

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