1. Twitch

    Recreate FFRK Battle System

    Hello all! I am wanting to create a game for mobile devices, and out of the many mobile games I play I like FFRK's (Final Fantasy Record Keeper) battle system the best. It is simple and fluid and makes great use of the limited screen space. I am wondering if anyone knows how to recreate this...
  2. fizzly

    Warehouse Keeper (Sokoban clone)

    A SOKOBAN CLONE    SYNOPSIS Warehouse Keeper (Sokoban) is a type of transport puzzle, in which the player pushes crates around in a warehouse, trying to get them to storage locations.    FEATURES 20 levels from original Sokoban game Simple level editor (still need some work) Save your progress...

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The hero compassionately saves the frightful beast of unknown persuasions. Did it feel gratitude or fear? Nevertheless, the hero sees their good deed in the darkest shadows of the night, wondering if each would be the one to repay them with an unknown demise.
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(Chef eat the Moldy Bread,after that he take into the Hospital with Green Face)
Suddenly I remember the days when I create something just by pure wild imagination. I wasn't thinking about concept, structure, or anything else. Just create (even if it's unfinished in the end). Somehow I kinda want to have that wild imagination again. :D
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