key binding

  1. DonTaco

    RMMV Tie buttons to scroll wheel?

    I want to tie Page Up and Page Down when going up and down in the scroll wheel. But I haven't find a way to do so. Does anyone know how to do this?
  2. yawk

    FG_KeyPush2 (MV)

    Hello,i'm from spain so my english is not perfect xD Hello again im Fantasmi Games and here is my first plugin ever xD The plugin allows you to check with a conditional branch if a key its pressed. I search this plugin a lot of times and i dont found anything. The plugin can be used in...
  3. PhxFire

    Changing/ adding key commands to game

    Basically I want to clone the functions of the ESC key to the Backspace key in MV. Is this possible, also are you able to program in new commands to keys, or swap keys out for other ones? Thanks!
  4. Change developer tool key command

    Hello, I'm using the Super Tools Engine of SRD to use it with the HUD Maker, but with the new update of RPG Maker MV 1.6.1 I cannot open the tool, because if I press F12 the Developer Tool opens instead. There is a way to change the key command? or some other way to open the Super Tools Engine...
  5. trapless

    [HOW] can a tile be selected via keyboard?

    If I [Shift]+[Tab] twice and press an arrow key it creates a second white selection box that I can move around the "Tile Section Area" with my keyboard. I would like to know if it is possible to select a tile for drawing with via the keyboard too. I ask because every time I want a new tile I...
  6. HelperToHero

    Trouble Making a Sound Play Upon Key Press

    Hello! I'm trying to add a feature to my game where the player will press the Z key while on the field and it will play a clown honk sound. A honk button. I managed to get it working, sort of, but it only works when you press the D key (rather than Z) and only actually plays sometimes. Does...
  7. Rikifive

    Improved Input

    Hello everybody!   I'm looking for / I'd like to request an input script of some kind, that would allow me to use more keys on keyboard. I tried Dekita's Heavily Optimized RGSS Input System, but there are bugs (random crashes) and it disables the ability to use gamepad at all. In fact, this...

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