key items


    Is there a way to trigger an event with multiple key items?

    Hi, I want an event to trigger only when player has/must have two specific key items in their inventory. Though, VX Ace here only allows one? Thank you!
  2. greensdream

    Option to take the player to the "Key Items" menu?

    I have a custom menu called by a common event, and in that event I have three options to choose from. In the event I use script calls to take the player to the Equip, Save, and Quit screens respectively [ SceneManager.push(Scene_Equip), etc. ]. My question is this... Can I add a fourth option...
  3. Events triggered by collecting Key Items

    Hi there, first off I am not sure I have this in the right subforum. Forgive me, I am a noob and this forum confuses me. Anyway, I have a question about event triggers. Specifically, I want to make an event where the trigger is that my party has collected pre-determined key items in the game...
  4. A door with many keys?

    Hello, I'm new to rmmv and trying to make a small game for a friend (And for practice) using no plugins or outside scripts. What gave me an issue was when I tried to make a locked door with two possible keys. Both keys are supposed to work. But, the key the player uses will change the story down...
  5. LilithMyth

    Help with events, please!

    Hello all! I'm having trouble with some events in my game, and I'm not sure what I did wrong here. I've been playing around with VX Ace Lite for a few days now and I'm doing pretty good on my own, but there are a few things I'm struggling with. First of all, I'm having trouble creating a key...
  6. omnikeith

    Pause a script while player chooses key item

    I'm making a farming script because the few I can find don't fit my needs and aren't very elegant or flexible. I was working on this script a long time ago but I put it down because I was having a bunch of problems. I've asked for help on this site before but I'm always met with a bunch of...
  7. Koi

    Opening menu of specific items

    So I recently learned about how to select key items, which I started using for a potion making bit for my game. You have a table with different tools like a mortar and pestle and whatnot, and a cauldron to add ingredients to. I was using the select key item to open up the potion ingredients...
  8. dragoonwys

    Way to hide Key Item category from shop sell menu

    Hello, I'm wondering if it's possible to get a code or small plugin to hide the key item category from the shops' sell menu? ^^ I'm not sure if there is a way to do this already, I searched everywhere and only could find the VXA way of doing it with Ruby. By default, all your item categories...
  9. Tommy Gun

    What are some good uses for "Select Item"?

    This is not about *how* (coding-wise) to use Select Item, but *why* you use it -- what are some good uses? What are some ideas for Hidden Items? I made a tutorial for Key Items in Ace, and want to make one for MV that shows some good functions. I have some ideas: - achievements - quest log -...
  10. Stopping monsters spawning in a region

    In my game currently I've got it so placing a key item in the correct spot stops the spawning of monsters on all maps. This is not what I was looking for. I'm trying to have the monsters in a specific region on a single map stop spawning when an item gets placed in it's correct container on...
  11. Need help removing certain window for key items

    My problem is a little specific. I need my game to not display the second window (with the actor and name) (shown in Capture 2) when an item is selected, but I am unsure how to make this come to pass. Is there a script I need to edit in order for me to prevent this window from popping up...
  12. Labyrinthine

    Two Key Item sections

    Would it be possible to have 2 Key Item tabs in the menu in a way that it wouldn't duplicate all the key items in both tabs. In my game, there are "clue" items, and normal key items, which can both be used directly from the menu, but I'd like to have 'em in different sections. Any help would be...
  13. Collecting Background cards

    I'm making a game where when the main character talks to another character which then triggers a background or picture scene, when they finish talking it then noted the character with "You acquired BG # 1" how do I make it so you can go to you items or key items and then in it list "Bg" and when...
  14. Tsukihime

    Using Key Items to Trigger Events

    This article shows how you can set up events to respond when the player uses a key item on the event. This is the second part of the series on Event Trigger Labels, a concept that allows developers to partition their event sequences into different sections marked by labels and choosing which...
  15. Cricketfoot

    Key Item Buffs

    I feel like this is a simple one, but I can't quite seem to dig up an answer. I want a key item...let's just say for example a 4-leaf clover...that does something like permanently ups the characters luck or enables the double item drop party ability. How hard would this be to do? 
  16. Tommy Gun

    How to use Key Items (the right way!)

    Here's a video tutorial I made on Key Items -- they have nothing to do with doors and keys! (Although you could use them that way.)
  17. wrigty12

    "Select Key Item" for regular items?

    What I would like to do is have an in-event command similar to the "Select Key Item" option, but instead, it brings you to a list of your items of a different type (Items, Weapons, Armor) and places your choice in a Variable. Is there a built in script command that allows me to do this?
  18. R-Soul

    Key Items - No Number On Menu

    I hope this is a simple problem, As you know, some games have key items which are one-of-a-kind, in other words there is only one of them in the "world". So I would like to know if there is a way in which key items don't show a quantity number, since it is somewhat pointless. We are talking...
  19. ShadowFox

    Book system

    I am trying to find out if this can be done via events and HOW I can do it via events. What I am after is basically a system that in that when the player selects a specific book within the inventory it opens up a new menu that shows the contents of the book and with the left or right arrow keys...

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