1. GreyWolfVino

    Character/Actor Name Change

    Hey fellow game makers, so I decided to have the player decide the name of the main character of my game but the character does have a default name in “Ace”. I want to do a Final Fantasy VII type of name change. In the beginning of the game, Cloud’s name is known as “Ex-Soldier” but immediately...
  2. I didn't get my activation key

    I bought the game recently and when I went to my mail I couldn't find the key, I checked everywhere including the spams. Is there a way to get my key ?
  3. Amarok

    Combination of buttons/keys like in fighting games?

    Hello there! over the last months ive been working on my action rpg system for mv, the whole thing is done already. Except for one detail, combos! Of course, even trough eventing i can tell the engine to turn different switches on when pressing different buttons, but i need to know a couple...
  4. afternoon700

    Need help with an item-using event

    I'm currently making a puzzle game for a school project. I got stuck in this "use-specific-item-to-proceed" process... For example, let's say that the player has to use a key in front of a door. My objectives are 1) assigning the right key to the door, 2) and showing a message if the player did...
  5. Quanee

    Opening/closing disabled menu with the same key

    Hi, I've been look around for a solution to my issue, yet I can't find any. I'm trying to make only one, simple item menu for my character, which can be open and closed with the same exact key. So far I've got this: 1. I've created a parallel event 2. Changed menu access to disabled (I don't...
  6. Milennin

    Script for key input not working

    I come back to check on an older feature that used to work, but now, several engine updates later, this seems to have been broken. I had a Script on a conditional branch that checks if a key is pressed, and it would then act on that: Input.isPressed('a') However, in the newer engine version...
  7. megumi014

    [Solved] How to change the way Enter/OK Key works?

    Hi, I've been trying to look the answer for this question in the forums but I always come up with answers that don't fix my problem. I don't know if it's just not possible to change it, but any advise would be helpful. From what I gathered when you press the Ok/Enter key it works by default as...
  8. How to retrieve product key

    I got a new computer and tried to download VX Ace onto it but I don't remember my product key and I don't have the email anymore. How can I retrieve it?
  9. ts50

    How to find Steam key from order here?

    Hello! So I bought a DLC from this store. I've heard talk on these forums that a steam key is also given when the order is placed. But I'm not sure where it is. I want to activate the product on steam as well. Can someone help me?
  10. If I get a free trial for RPG Maker VX Ace, where is my product key sent to?

    I've looked through the emails I received from RPG MAKER, there's nothing in my spam box. I tried to enter my email again in "http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/free-trials/trial-rpg-maker-vx-ace", but it just says my email was already used. Any help?
  11. LikeHeyItsMark

    VX Ace Lost Product Key

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I've lost the product key emailed to me when I purchased and since purchasing a new laptop would love to get back into my projects. Is there a faster way than submitting a ticket?
  12. AlienX

    Battle Messages waiting for keypress

    Hey, guys! I wonder if someone has made (or could make) a plugin, that makes battle messages act like regular messages. Basically, I want to have more descriptive battle messages, but they go by pretty fast. Yanfly's BattleEngineCore allows you to change the speed of the messages, so I could...
  13. zelthegamer

    How to trigger an event with a specific key?

    Hello VX Ace users! I am looking to trigger an event with a specific key. For example: When the player presses 'L' On their keyboard, the menu will pop up. Is that possible? I don't mind if I have to use a script.
  14. thalesgal

    Bind to use items

    Hello! I would like to know if there is a plugin that allow use keys to use regular items. It would be nice if I could select a ID item, and select the bind key to use it. For example: If pagedown is pressed, use the Item ID: 0007. Thank you in advance and sorry for english mistakes!
  15. Complications with Product Key

    Hi, recently I had to upgraded my PC and tried to re-install my copy of RPGMaker. I had downloaded it about half a year ago, and there was a problem with the original product key that wouldn't work, so I needed a new key in order to install the program. However now neither key works when I...
  16. ZeroTheGrim

    Beta Key Creation help

    Hello! I'm sort of new here so I hope this is the right place for this, but I wanna make beta keys to send to people and have them go to a site (hopefully free) for them to use the key and download my game. Any idea how I can go about this? Sorry again if this is the wrong area!
  17. dnel57

    Key item use

    Hi,here is my dilemma: I made a screenshot of my world map. Then,imported it and made a key item of it. Someone gives me the map. It shows up in my inventory as a key item. When I click on it,it shows the map(OK) But,then I can't get it off my screen. Thanks
  18. nakina

    How to properly use key items

    I made a tutorial in 2014 on how to use key items in RPG Maker VX Ace.  It involves using the dedicated key item events that allow a user to select from a list of their key items in order to activate something.
  19. How to Pause the game with Enter key?

    Hello. I would like to pause the game wither Enter key by freezing the game, music, animation, etc. Even for autorun events. How can I do? Thanks guys!
  20. No product key

    I purchased rpg maker mv about two weeks ago now, ad i've asked on the website about this, no replys. i didn't reviece my product key in my email at all not in spam or normal boxes please help

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