1. Keybinding pop up images dependant on variables?

    Heya folks! (Let me know if this isn't possible using events, if it's not then I'll send this over to the JS boards) So, basically I was wondering if there was a way to have an image (dependent on variables) appear by the press of a button? To be more specific, the idea is this: Basically I am...
  2. SilverDash

    Silvers Keybinding

    Keybinder v. 1.10 Author: Squirting Elephant DEPRECATED. Please now use this plugin instead: Squirting Elephant's Core Script. NOTE: This plugin is for plugin-developers and for other scripts that require this plugin. Features Note: This script must be placed above your script and above...
  3. Zalerinian

    [RGSS3] Keyboard Manager

    Keyboard Manager v1.0.0 - March 10th, 2014 Introduction The Keyboard Manager allows a developer to define a static set of keybindings for the game to use. Features - The ability to set static keybindings so that the controls for your game are the same for every user How to Use This script...

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